Brook Guitars News August 2022

August 2022

Kevin came up from Plymouth to collect his new Tavy

Kevin and his Brook Tavy

It has an Adirondack top with rosewood back and sides.

Brook Tavy Adirondack Spruce

Jack inlaid this penguin on the headstock, it was the logo of Kevin’s parents’ shop,
there’s also a penguin on the heel cap!

Tavy Penguin Inlay

The first ever European Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Festival is being held in Exeter
at the Phoenix between 9th – 11th September.

Fingerstyle Collective

It’s not often you get a chance to see this many world class guitarists together over a weekend
so come along and support this event!

Exeter Fingerstyle Festival

This Little Silver is Tony’s third Brook, it’ll be joining his two Tamars, one steel string, one nylon. This one has a rosewood fingerboard bridge and head veneer,

Brook Little Silver

And the back and sides ‘fruit and nut’ – cherry and walnut!

Fruit and Nut Brook Little Silver

This rosewood Taw will be heading up to Gordon in Scotland shortly.

Brook Taw for Gordon

A walnut and Sitka Taw will be travelling the shorter distance to Project Music in Exeter,

Walnut and Sitka Brook Taw for Project

And this walnut and European spruce Torridge is now with Intersound in Dursley. 

Brook Torridge for Intersound

Jacqueline Hemming Urquhart took this photo of Chris Norman playing his Teign in Tavistock.

Chris and his Brook Teign

Geoff and George came over to check how their respective guitars were coming along,
about another four weeks and they should be ready for collection!

Geoff and George

We made this Lyn for stock, if anyone is interested just get in touch.

Brook Lyn for sale

Andy resprayed this Precision bass fingerboard

Andy spraying a bass neck

And put back together this unusual aluminium Peter Kellett Strat after a tricky repair –
replacing the broken truss rod and fingerboard.

Peter Kellett Strat

A personal thanks to Pat for his video greeting on a significant birthday for me!

Pat's birthday greeting

He’s sneaking up behind me but won’t catch me!