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December 2005

A very Merry Xmas to Yew…

News Archives 2005-2003 Tom Hardy

This is Tom Hardy braving the winter cold to pose outside the Brook workshop with his new Torridge in Spruce and Yew

We continue to use Yew as a tonewood even though it is often overlooked by other luthiers. Why? Because we like it!…

….And so does Tom. Which is more to the point!

News Archive Roger Cockram seen here collecting his brand new Tavy

Accompanying Tom this month are Roger Cockram seen here collecting his brand new Tavy

News Archives 2005-2003

…and Mathew Young, whose Brook Torridge was shipped all the way to the USA – so Mathew could enjoy it while sitting on his porch. Mathew came across our guitars from visiting the
Michael Hurley and Woody Mann websites.
Well that seems to have put a smile on all three of their faces… Job done?

So what shall we do next year? More of the same?

Call us with your suggestions!

November 2005

With Autumn upon us we’ve had to stop ‘road testing’ the guitars outside while sitting on the lawn and get down to some serious building – using some serious woods, as we love to do. First off the production line this month comes this wonderful ‘fruit ‘n’ nut’ creation

Cherry Walnut News Archive 2005

That’s Cherry / Walnut in case you hadn’t guessed and this particular Tavy is now available from Intersound in Dursley

News Archives 2005-2003

Then there’s this beatiful bit of Rio on this Lyn for local favourite Chris Ayliffe

Back view above, front view below. Nice bit of inlay round the fretboard on this one too

News Archives 2005-2003

We’ve also been working on this custom drop cutaway for Simon Othen who plays with ‘The Machine Breakers’

News Archives 2005-2003

…as well as this nice Blackwood and Maple neck (an attractive choice) on this Taw for Tom Brookes (No relation, although we deliberately mis-spelled our Logo on his guitar’s headstock)

News Archives 2005-2003

And just to sweeten things off we’ve done this sugarcube inlay for Gary Wallace

News Archives 2005-2003

It’s been a very busy month but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s all been worthwhile in the end. Sweet as…

October 2005

This is a lovely one-off semi acoustic instrument we have just completed
Our client wanted something a bit jazzy

News Archives 2005-2003

And that is exactly what he has got here. We don’t make many of these but we have to admit that this one is rather fetching with its ‘f’ holes, ebony scratch plate and volume / tone knobs and its tobacco sunburst finish

News Archives 2005-2003

We were so happy with this one and were on the point of thinking of ourselves as a jazz guitar workshop when Stuart Ryan showed up to remind us that what we do best is making top quality acoustic guitars

News Archives 2005-2003

This is Stuart’s new Lacewood and Sitka Baritone Tavy and just hearing him put it through its paces leaves us in no doubt that we’ll be concentrating mainly on the acoustic guitar in the future

News Archives 2005-2003

The strange thing was that just as we had taken these pics and reassured ourselves that we were out-and-out acoustic builders, Stuart sat down with the Tavy and started playing loads of those jazzy chords on it!

September 2005

Here is a lovely bunch of fives for you

News Archives 2005-2003

This is the Brook team taking a last chance to road test this little quintet of guitars which are ready to head up to London to Ivor Mairants music shop in Rathbone Place,
just off Oxford Street

There are some lovely instruments here and we don’t expect them to hang around at Mairants for too long – they usually get snapped up pretty quickly so if you want to give them a play you’d better be quick

Also we can’t let this month pass without noting the recent death of Eric Roche

News Archives 2005-2003

Eric was extremely well known and hugely repected in British guitar circles and further afield, both as an exemplary and exciting performer and also as a valued teacher. He will be missed

August 2005

This is part of a large shipment of recently acquired American Red Gum which is a wood we have had to seek out in order to keep up with the increasing demand from you lot

News Archives 2005-2003

We’ve made quite a few guitars with this wood recently: none more fetching than this Torridge  sported by Jordan Humber who recently paid us a visit

News Archives 2005-2003

Jordan was more than happy to do the familiar Brook photoshoot and sit on the lawn under one of the many trees outside our workshop and coax the first tunes out of his new guitar

News Archives 2005-2003

This Red Gum is a bit of a success story for us and we are constantly surprised that few other builders use it because it is so bright and strikingly featured as well. It’s definitely an option for players who like to stick out from the crowd…

… players like Jordan himself who is certainly one to watch out for in future

July 2005

These two guys are Peter Heredge and Dave Towers and they have a couple of things in common

News Archives 2005-2003

News Archives 2005-2003

As well as the fact that they have just taken ownership of their new Brook guitars, they both specified that they would like a bit of custom decor on the form of inlays

News Archives 2005-2003

Dave wanted a 12 fret inlay of his name and a headstock featuring a stag with some pretty impressive antlers

News Archives 2005-2003

Peter wanted a specific wave image on his 12th fret and we were happy to oblige

We are finding more and more customers want this kind of custom job done and we are dedicating more time to it as a result

If you have any imaginitive ideas for inlays, let us know them and we’ll be happy to put them on a guitar for you

June 2005

We have just sent 3 of our guitars off with Steve here from ‘Intersound Music’ in Dursley in Gloucestershire and if you happen to live near the area then you will have a special opportunity to try them out this Wednesday (15th of June)

News Archives 2005-2003

Place and time is: 7.30pm at the Prince of Wales on the A38 between Dursley and Berkley featuring an evening of music from Adrian Byron-Burns and a chance to try the Brook guitars and one lucky attendee will win a competition with a guita as a prize (Not a Brook)


May 2005

A couple of things we are proud of at Brook Guitars are that our guitars travel across the globe through many time zones and that the people who buy one usually come back for more

News Archives 2005-2003

So while the shadows lengthen in the evening sun and Yves Pilon from Canada is looking through his impressive array of guitars, including a couple of Brooks and deciding to play this new slotted headstock Creedy…

News Archives 2005-2003

…Terence is in Holland playing a bit of Bach at lunchtime on his new nylon strung Bovey, again with a nice slotted headstock…

News Archives 2005-2003

…and Amy Smithard and her husband Ross are tucked up in bed in Australia (no we can’t provide any pictures) but before they hit the hay they did this duet on Ross’s Kit and Amy’s brand new mini bouzouki.

So we can probably assume that at any time on any day, somebody somewhere is playing a Brook! Feel free to join in.

April 2005

This lovely piece of walnut belongs to the very lucky Andrew Horth

News Archives 2005-2003

Andrew liked what we’d done with the walnut so much that he picked up a few stray offcuts, handed them to Jack and asked him to do some inlay wizardry on the headstock in the form of a howling wolf

News Archives 2005-2003

Jack was happy to oblige and went one better by offering to do a further custom job on the fretboard: this time featuring Andrew’s initials inlaid in abalone

News Archives 2005-2003

These are just some of the many ways we can customise new guitars, so that players can feel that they’ve got something truly unique and with a completely personal touch

March 2005

Doug McCarthey looks like a guitar player facing an enjoyable quandary: which lovely new walnut guitar to put down first in order to play the other one?

News Archives 2005-2003

Doug liked our batch of local English Walnut so much he had us salvage a few smaller pieces in order to make matching headstock veneers for this pair

News Archives 2005-2003

Doug decided that he’d like a Taw for playing in standard tuning but would prefer something a bit bigger for when he likes to play in dropped tunings like open ‘C’

News Archives 2005-2003

The larger guitar is a Tamar and is a size above the Taw.
Tamar also has a longer scale length because it’s to be used primarily in dropped tunings

News Archives 2005-2003

However you want to tune them, or whatever you care to play on them, that Walnut’s going to give you some nice tone. We think it’s quite easy on the eye as well

February 2005

This is Andy Guttry who has just picked up a couple of guitars he ordered: a Creedy with moustachio bridge and a Santos Rosewood Tamar

News Archives 2005-2003

Andy plays with local band ‘Drivin’ South’ and it looks like he’ll now have to expand his on-stage guitar rack to make room for the new additions

The fretboard of the Creedy shows off a nice snowflake inlay

News Archives 2005-2003

And this shot of the back shows the quality of the striking local walnut we used in making this guitar

News Archives 2005-2003

We’re looking forward to working with a lot more of this walnut as the year progresses as we have some very good quality sets in stock at the moment

January 2005

We’d like to wish you all a very Big Happy New Year from all at Brook Guitars

And while we’re talking ‘Big’ we’d like to kick off the year with a couple of Big Big guitars which we’ve just completed: starting with this Otter fretless bass

News Archives 2005-2003

This bass belongs to Rick Cook of ‘Dirty Money’: an Exeter-based band. Rick and his son both did a building course with us recently and they both built rather fetching ukuleles. Good to see that Rick likes the big instruments too though!

Another customer who came back for something a bit bigger is Lucy Monroe. We made a Tavy
for Lucy a couple of years ago and this time round she has chosen another
Tavy model but with a larger baritone scale length

News Archives 2005-2003

We particularly enjoyed making this attractive guitar because of the gorgeous Myrtle back and sides and the adventurous inlay which was designed by Lucy’s husband, Dave.

News Archives 2005-2003

We’re now looking forward to making some more guitars of all shapes and sizes in the months ahead: so all you have to do is to keep telling us what you want to be playing!

News 2004

News Archive 2004

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December 2004

We’re very proud to feature so prominently in this new CD by Stuart Ryan

News Archives 2005-2003

Stuart obviously doesn’t like to be far away from his Brook Torridge as we can see from the front and back pictures of his artwork – (he also uses it on the recordings which are a mix of his own compositions and a few standards)

The renowned Martin Taylor has described Stuart as “One of the finest guitarists of the younger generation” – so he’s well worth seeking out if you enjoy adventurous and exciting guitar music

News Archives 2005-2003

Stuart’s Torridge is a custom model in Rosewood and Sitka and he’s obviously pretty happywith it because we’re going to be working on a second instrument for him and also does many teaching sessions and clinics. He has also recently started writing articles for ‘Guitar Techniques’ magazine.

November 2004

For those of you who have been monitoring our love of small travel guitars and Ukuleles here is a real treat. Hot off the Brook Guitars production line comes the first ever Holly in an attractive cedar and rosewood combo

This is the newest addition to the stable and we are very proud of this particular fledgling: this is the smallest 6 string we have made

News Archives 2005-2003

This picture gives you an idea of scale as the
Holly sits on a small Jumbo.

The body is actually made from the same mould as a Concert size Ukulele so this is small even by travel guitar standards and yet is surprisingly playable with a 487mm scale length

News Archives 2005-2003

Watch out for 4 of our guitars at the
Ivor Mairants stall at this years’

Music Live Festival on the  13th – 15th November  at the Birmingham NEC

October 2004

Here are a couple of the more remarkable Brook Guitars which have rolled off the production line recently and are now off to their proud new owners including Mr Mark Robinson pictured here

News Archives 2005-2003

Mark is soon off to a convention in Aspen Colorado and his Tamar is suitably prepared for the trip as it features a mountain scene which was done by Jack (right)

News Archives 2005-2003

Jack’s prowess as an inlay artist can also be seen on the headstock of this cherry 12 string Tamar featuring a Red Kite

News Archives 2005-2003

We are happy to set new challenges in front of Jack so if you want a custom inlay done on your guitar then call us… and draw us a picture … or just describe it and we’ll put a few ideas together. Then we’ll leave Jack to get on with it.

September 2004

Those of you who have more than a passing interest in Brook Guitars will know that we build our instruments min an idyllic setting: in a converted barn in the beautiful Devon countryside on the edge of Dartmoor. We can’t just hang on to them all here though; there comes a time when we have to release them into the bigger wider world out there. Some of them end up in the outback of Australia or up in the Norwegian Fjords.

This lovely little Creedy with custom Moustachioed bridge has winged its way to the windy city in the USA: Chicago – ‘the Home of the Blues’

News Archives 2005-2003

Well, at least that’s what we can make out from Mike Jaron’s T-Shirt. He sent us this pic of himself with his new guitar in its new home.

We’ve been looking at this pic and wondering… ‘Is that the Sears Tower in the background? Answers to the usual address.

August 2004

With the Olympic Games going on at the moment there is an element of competition in the air. These two gentlemen seem to be fighting it out for the gold medal in the ‘Number of Brooks Accumulated’ category.

First up is Mr Tony Kerry who has recently taken delivery of a wonderful new Tamar with cutaway to add to his 5 other Brooks

News Archives 2005-2003

Displaying a wonderful aspect from both front and back (Bearclaw Sitka Spruce and Santos Rosewood) the judges will find it difficult to award anything other than a perfect 10 for style

News Archives 2005-2003

Pushing him all the way though is Mr Steve Bennett from Ely who has recently added this concert Ukulele to his own collection; and this little uke also deseves a perfect score for artistic impression for the attention to detail it exhibits.

News Archives 2005-2003

These two heavyeights are both currently sitting on a score of 6 Brooks each and spectators should realise that this is a Marathon and not a sprint so sit back and enjoy the show and we’ll let you know who prevails in this clash of the Titans!

July 2004

Something old and something new for this month’s updates. This battered old thing is one of the first ever Brook guitars we produced.

News Archives 2005-2003

It’s been about a bit, as it’s a hard-working, touring guitar which belongs to none other than TV Smith (see our Gallery of Brook artists) and has returned to base for a bit of TLC

It seems it recently had a disagreement with an unnamed airline and came off second best. Actually that’s nothing compared to some of the treatment TV Smith subjects it to in his stage performances!

News Archives 2005-2003

To alleviate the stress of viewers who were offended by the previous pictures, here are some new gleaming guitars and ukes straight off the production line.

News Archives 2005-2003

They’ll soon be in the hands of their new owners… And no, we don’t let TV Smith do any road testing!

June 2004

Do not adjust your monitor – this custom headstock is meant to be asymetrical

News Archives 2005-2003

Here is Kevin modelling the finished guitar – A Dart with Florentine cutaways

News Archives 2005-2003

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your appetite for the month of June then feast your eyes on the fancy Bridge and beautiful Walnut on board this lovely Creedy Parlour guitar.

News Archives 2005-2003

As well as the asymetrical headstocks, some of our customers have taken a liking to this moustachioed bridge which we first began doing last year

Look in next month to see what our enterprising customers have chosen to keep us busy with over the summer

May 2004

This is Cams enjoying the sunshine in his back garden along with the darling buds of May and a brand new
Bovey which we’ve just finished for him

News Archives 2005-2003

It’s quite lovely as you can see from this close up

News Archives 2005-2003

It also bears Cams’ own choice of inlay which is appropriate for a Scotsman – this eyecatching thistle

News Archives 2005-2003

This happy couple are now off to live contentedly in Luxembourg. Now that’s a first for us as far as we know. Any Luxembourgers who own a Brook, please feel free to write to us and correct us if this is not the first of our guitars to make it to your area

News Archives 2005-2003

As well as featuring some of the finest Rio on the back and sides of this Bovey the fretboard is also in this classic wood

And as if that’s not enough, Cams is taking a little and large approach to our guitars – this is just the first instalment – he also has a Baritone on order with us which we hope will be just as spectacular as this little chap

April 2004

We recently furnished Stuart Ryan here with a new guitar. Nothing special about that you might think – we make new guitars for great players all the time

News Archives 2005-2003

But when we were introduced to Stuart we realised that he was the third player who has won the prestigious ‘Guitarist Magazine’ guitar player of the year award and has also chosen to play a Brook

The others are Michael Watts who won in 2001

News Archives 2005-2003

And Steve Yates who won in 1999

News Archives 2005-2003

One thing that these guys have in common is that they are obviously extremely talented. We are simply very proud that they also have all chosen to ask us to build their instruments for them. They are all professional players and we can’t hope for a higher accolade than to be making guitars for players of this calibre.

March 2004

This lovely Cedar topped
Torridge is soon headed off to warmer climes in Portugal

News Archives 2005-2003

While it’s he’re calling it the ‘Fruit ‘n’ Nut guitar because the back features a piece
of Cherry sandwiched between two pieces of local English Walnut. The neck also features a Cherry strip

News Archives 2005-2003

It has a delicious Walnut veneer on the headstock as well

News Archives 2005-2003

Now that’s quite a tasteful and tasty dish!

February 2004

Koa and cutaways are on the menu for February this year. This pic shows
us testing a Koa-topped
Lyn and an interesting cutaway Taw with bazouki tuning

News Archives 2005-2003

Here is a close-up of the Lyn. Back and sides are from Mahogany and this unusual wood combination gives this little guitar a very unique sound and character. The pyramid bridge and abalone also help set it apart from the rest

News Archives 2005-2003

This pic shows a Dart we’ve been working on which features a few custom options to the standard model. The cutaways are Florentine to give it an even more strinking curve than usual

News Archives 2005-2003

Coupled with this modified body, we’ll be adding an asymmetrical headstock and bridge so watch this space to see how this one comes out

January 2004

Mike Keogh here has just collected this gorgeous custom
Taw to help him see in the New Year

Mike Keoch News Archives 2005-2003

It comes with some of the finest local English Walnut we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with

Mike Keoch's Walnut News Archives 2005-2003

Not to mention the added touch of a Triscal inlay in abalone on the headstock

Mike Keoch's Headstock News Archives 2005-2003

Now that goes rather nicely with those ebony tuners doesn’t it?

News 2003

December 2003

The last bulletin of 2003 is all about globetrotting. This is Paolo Lubrano.

Paolo Lubrano in the shop News Archives 2005-2003

Paolo is now officially the most determined of Brook customers having come all the way from Turin in Italy to visit our workshop – he got a flight from Italy to Stanstead, a taxi to a hostel overnight in London, a train to Exeter, a connection to Yeoford where
we picked him up in the car. We booked him in to our favourite B&B in Yeoford that evening, took him out for a meal and he travelled back the following morning

He went away with a Lyn that we had lying around waiting for a suitable suitor – plus our appreciation for his endeavours

And this is Ross Smithard from Australia. G’day Ross…

Ross Smithard and Kit in the  Outback News Archives 2005-2003

Ross ordered a Kit mini travel guitar with a slotted headstock and Fishman Matrix pickup system. He sent us this picture of him taken the other evening with his new instrument just after it had arrived.

It’s heartwarming to know that our guitars are becoming sought after across the globe and we’d like to thank Ross and Paolo for seeking us out when there must have been simpler options in their vicinity.

November 2003

Custom touches are an increasingly popular way to personalise your instrument and that is exactly what guitar picker Kai Rune has opted for here

Headstock with Fjord Scene News Archives 2005-2003

Kai is a Norwegian living in London and has decided to incorporate a bit of Norway on his headstock with this fjord scene. Kai supplied a photo and we set about trying to re-create it in an inlay. We decided on smoky pearl, walnut, spalted beech and thuja burl for the most appropriate materials and the end result is quite striking.

Kai Rune and Tamar News Archives 2005-2003

Kai’s initials are also inlaid at the 12th fret and overall the effect is a very individual Tamar

Flamed Walnut and Bearclaw Sitka News Archives 2005-2003

He opted for a lovely wood combination of English flamed walnut for the body and purfling with dark bearclawed sitka for the top.

Now that’s good taste!

October 2003

It’s been a while since we made one of these but this is an example of our Otter acoustic Bass, being modelled here by Kevin, one of our team of luthiers

Otter Acoustic Bass News Archives 2005-2003

The last Otter we made was a fretless model but this one is fretted which is the preference of Mr Eric Anderson from Norway who seems to have taken a liking to some of our less common models (see News for June 2003) This particular Otter is in Indian rosewood and European spruce with an 864mm (standard 34″) scale length and has a tobacco sunburst finish

Moving from one end of the spectrum to the other, we recently had the pleasure of attending some concerts by the inimitable Michael Hurley who took a few moments out of his busy schedule to try his particular magic on one of our Bovey travel guitars. They seem to have got on rather well together

Michael Hurley and Bovey News Archives 2005-2003

We had to prise them apart afterwards but we took these pics just before

Michael Hurley Close News Archives 2005-2003

The gigs were fantastic – in case you were wondering

September 2003

One of the local woods we like to use in our shop is Yew. It isn’t employed as widely as Rosewoods and Mahogany in the guitar building world but there are some who like to seek out something a bit different and we are impressed with both the sound and the appearance of this tone wood.

Tim Marks Taw Close News Archives 2005-2003

This is a Yew-backed Taw and it belongs to Tim Marks here who obviously likes a few personal touches such as a slotted headstock and a bit of 12th fret inlay for good measure.

Tim Marks Taw 2 News Archives 2005-2003

August 2003

While you lot have been enjoying the heatwave we’ve been getting on with producing our recent crop of instruments. There are a whole load on their way to Hank’s Music
up in London but this one won’t make it that far as it has already been intercepted en route by Mr John Tootle (pictured)

Cocobolo Tamar News Archives 2005-2003

It’s quite a unique instrument – A cocobolo Tamar with a scale length of 640 mm which means it’s a nice hybrid size for players who combine a bit of picking and strumming

Cocobolo News Archives 2005-2003

That cocobolo is a fine wood and produces some stunning results Here’s a peek at the top which sports some nice decor too

Guitar Top Close up News Archives 2005-2003

The remainder of our output for this month should be arriving at Hank’s any day now and here’s a preview below The full order list is: Rosewood Kit, Rosewood Lyn Bird’s Eye Maple Torridge, Ovangkol Taw, Gum Okement, Rosewood Teign, Rosewood Bovey and finally an Ovangkol Taw

A true Brook Connoisseur could pick them out from this picture!

Hanks Job Lot of Guitars News Archives 2005-2003

We also received a visit recently from ‘Guitar‘ magazine who wanted to do a piece featuring some shots of our workshop. You can see a full transcript of the article  here

(warning – it is approx 400kb)

July 2003

This little job might look like a guitar but in fact it is our first ever Brook Uke

Ukulele interior News Archives 2005-2003

If this one satisfies our curiosity and our exacting standards we have tentative plans for introducing soprano, concert, tenor and baritone size models to the Brook range

Uke Go Bar Deck News Archives 2005-2003

Looks pretty good once it’s strung up

Ukulele standing News Archives 2005-2003

So why are we moving into this area? Simple; because of the weight of public demand. The Ukulele is becoming more and more popular and people have been inquiring if we built them.

For instance, such organisations as ‘The Ukulele Research & Development Society’
(pictured) simply could not manage to function if there was a shortage of top qualty Ukes

The Ukulele Reasearch and Development Society News Archives 2005-2003

Some might think that was no bad thing! The guy in the pith helmet is none other than Sir Humphrey Comfy. The others are probably on day release from a local hospital in Exeter

This lot meet every month in Exeter. So if you’ve got a uke and a silly hat (required) why not join in?

June 2003

Anyone for Darts?

Dart in ya face! News Archives 2005-2003

This is our model called the Dart, named after the river on Dartmoor.
Now and again somebody orders one and we get to build one of these, but because of its specialist nature it is one of our less well known models.

However, there are some people out there who just aren’t satisfied with a single cutaway and opt for the double cut as featured on the Dart

Dart before gluing top News Archives 2005-2003

We’ve been working on this one recently and that gives us the opportunity to show you some pics of it’s development through the build process

The picture above gives a revealing internal view of the double cutaway and the bracing on this instrument.

Once it’s got its top fitted and has visited the spray shop it looks ready for the road

Dart ready to go News Archives 2005-2003

And that’s just as well because after this particular Dart has been given a thorough test and we’ve taken some close-ups of the custom inlay work, then it’s off to Mr Eric Anderson from Norway who has ordered this one and would like to hear it ASAP

May 2003

Here’s Jack modelling our latest 4-string creation ( We’re not quite sure what we’re calling this yet) We always enjoy this ‘road testing’ part of the process It was made for Mike Selley who has now managed to get hold of three of our instruments. The scale length on this one is 560mm and Mike intended it to be tuned D-G-B-E but it works equally as well tuned as a standard mandola

Jack and the beanie and the headstock inlay News Archives 2005-2003

It sports a kingfisher inlay on the asymmetrical headstock (see news bulletin for July 2002) and we’re shortly going to be completing a 6-string version with the same body design so watch this space

Headstock Inlay News Archives 2005-2003

Three of our guitars have also just left for Ivor Mairants ready for the London Guitar Show at Wembley Arena (10th and 11th May) and a couple more have been sent to the London Resonator Centre in Islington so London residents and visitors are going to be spoiled for choice in the Brook department… at least until they all get snapped up

April 2003

You’re not seeing double. Don’t adjust anything… just meet the Creedy twins…

Lovely Pair News Archives 2005-2003

This pair of parlours were made for a German customer called Franz Mang. Franz has a band called Robespierre and will be using these on stage.

They were both made in Sitka Spruce and English walnut with a bridge inspired by a Victorian parlour guitar. Here’s a closer look at the six string

Moustachio Bridge News Archives 2005-2003

Sometimes it hurts to pack ’em up and post ’em!

Creedys Top to Tail News Archives 2005-2003

March 2003

The latest CD from Adrian Legg is now available in the shops and from his site and we’re excited to see that his beloved Creedy is not only the main guitar for the body of the album but Adrian also decided to feature it in the artwork!

Guitar Bones by Adrian Legg News Archives 2005-2003

This snippet from the recording information on the back cover pinpoints where you can hear the Creedy in action

Recording Notes News Archives 2005-2003

We also heard reports that Adrian’s one-off show in London recently was a fantastic event. A London show is rare treat for UK fans of this virtuoso guitarist as he is kept busy in the States most of the time. Still, if you missed it, the album is a real delight and it’s refreshing to hear Adrian put a fine acoustic through its paces

February 2003

This Baritone Tavy is the most intriguing of our recent guitars

Baritone in the Snow News Archives 2005-2003

Sled and snow are optional extras but the rest of the details are:

Rosewood/European spruce. 690mm scale length.
Tuned C F Bb Eb G C D’Addario Heavy 14-59 phosphor bronze strings.

Previously we’ve made our baritones with a longer scalelength and the lower A – A tuning. For this instrument we’ve shortened the scalelength to give us an instrument that is a lot closer in feel to a standard guitar but also adds a huge rich depth to the sound.

Ever wished you could tune your guitar down a couple of notches without any loss in volume or sustain?…

January 2003

For the first News item of 2003 we are proud to announce that Portishead’s Beth Gibbons’ solo CD is available now

Beth CD Cover News Archives 2005-2003

Beth, Paul Webb and Adrian Utley all have Taws and were recently seen giving a stunning performance on the TV programme ‘Later, with Jools Holland’

Here’s a shot of Beth at our workshop playing a 12 string version of the Taw

Beth Gibbons in the Workshop News Archives 2005-2003