Built in the UK in the heart of the West Country.

Custom Hand Made Guitars

We’re a small team of luthiers able to work closely with our customers building acoustic guitars and occasionally other instruments to order.
We’re represented by a small, select number of dealers in the UK.

In the twenty-five years we’ve been making acoustic guitars we’ve gained a reputation for exceptional quality.

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If you are new to our site a good place to start will be the News for a selection of our latest projects.
Our archives go back two decades and show just some of the work we’ve undertaken.

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Our instruments are hand-built, using traditional methods, carefully constructed and refined to meet the individual customer’s requirements, whether their preference is for the ornate or more restrained!

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We stock a large selection of tonewoods, along with the finest quality hardware and the latest pickup systems.

We encourage the use of home grown tonewoods. A significant proportion of our guitars have been constructed of yew, walnut, sycamore, cherry, lacewood and chestnut, all from locally grown native timbers.

Native Woods

Where We Are

Our workshop is situated in ancient Nymet woodland on the edge of Dartmoor.

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Get in touch to discuss your ideas. Our email, phone number and address can be found on the Contact page.


We have put together an occasional magazine where we explore various topics in more depth.
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