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Welcome To The Home of Brook Guitars

Custom Made in the UK in the heart of the West Country.

We've been handcrafting acoustic guitars in our workshop for the last twenty-five years and have gained a reputation for exceptional value and quality.

If you're new to the site a good place to start will be our News page for information on our latest projects, our news archives go back a decade and show some of the work we've undertaken and a few of the satisfied customers we've had the pleasure to meet over the years.

We’re represented by a small, select number of dealers in the UK, Europe and the USA, you can find these on our Links page.

Custom Handmade Instruments

We are a small team of luthiers and work closely with our customers building acoustic guitars and other instruments to order.

Specialist Guitar Makers & Repairers

Our instruments are hand-built, using mainly traditional methods, carefully constructed and refined to meet your particular requirements, whether you prefer your guitar ornate or more restrained! We have a large selection of tonewoods to offer, along with the finest quality hardware and the latest pickup systems.

We also take on a limited amount of repair work and have had the pleasure of working on and restoring many historic and valuable instruments.

Built in the United Kingdom

Our workshop is a two storey converted barn situated in ancient woodland on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon. We source local top quality timber whenever possible, a significant proportion of our guitars have been constructed of yew, walnut, sycamore and cherry that we've cut and dried from timber sourced in the surrounding countryside.

Friendly Help and Advice

We offer friendly and helpful advice and will work closely with you to produce a beautiful instrument with exceptional tone and playability suited to your particular needs.

Contact Us

Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas. Our email, phone number and address can be found on the Contact page.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the site and if you have any queries about our instruments please contact us by phone or email.

Matt Miles short film featuring Brook Guitars


We have an occasional newsletter where we go into topics in a little more depth. You can view, print or download it below.

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