Brook Guitars News December 2021

December 2021

No wonder no-one can find us!

Broken signpost

We sent this little bubinga Holly up to our friend Richard in Market Harborough, our shortest scale six string.

Brook Holly six string

He kindly sent us a copy of his latest book –

Status Quo book by Richard James

And wrote ‘To help customers judge the size of this lovely new instrument you can inform them that it is approximately the length of one Russian Blue kitten. Please note – kitten is not at full extension and objected to being photographed without prior consultation’!

Holly and cat comparison

I’ll add another, nearly festive, size comparison – The Holly and The Tavy.

Brook Holly And Tavy

This is Richard from Bristol’s third Brook, an abalone and pearl decorated Lyn

Abalone border on bubinga Brook Lyn

With bubinga back and sides and a figured mahogany laminated neck. Succinctly and to the point Richard wrote ‘Thanks for the Lyn – outstanding’!

Bubinga Brook Lyn

Pete came over with the Taw we made for him earlier in the year to pick up an inlay he’d commissioned from Jack of his last black lab.. here it is resting on his guitar.

Brook Taw and Jack's Inlay

Nearly every customer featured this month has more than one Brook – so to add to the roster this 613 mm, short scale, walnut Creedy went up to Keith in Greenwich, his second of our guitars!

Cedar Brook Creedy

We’ve still more repairs here than we’d really like, Andy sorted out a tricky problem with the wiring on this Gibson bass

Andy wiring a Gibson bass

And repaired yet another Les Paul headstock break. The customer was delighted with the result.

Les Paul Headstock Break

Season’s Greetings to everyone

Season's Greetings from Brook

And Best Wishes for the New Year. We’ll be away from the workshop for our winter break until the 5th January.


Brook Guitars News November 2021

November 2021

We’ve been lucky to avoid the bad storms that have caused so much trouble in the North but with the colder spell early last week the early morning frost brought out this herd of deer,

Deer at Brook Workshop 1

We haven’t seen them in these sort of numbers so close to the workshop for a while!

Deer at Brook Workshop 2

We seem to have been making a lot of nylon strung  crossover models recently. We’ve just completed this rather striking Lyn,

Nylon Strung Brook Lyn Full Length

Very much with a black and white theme – it has a European spruce top, ebony binding, fingerboard, head veneer and custom ebony bridge,

Nylon Strung Brook Lyn Top

Along with this lovely maple back, sides and laminated neck,

Nylon Strung Brook Lyn Back

Complemented by these Schaller tuners.

Nylon Strung Brook Lyn Headstock

The second nylon strung guitar this month is this Taw with a tinted Sitka top,

Nylon Strung Brook Taw

The customer also asked for a pyramid bridge and this coda sign on the heel-cap.

Brook Taw Top and Heel Cap

Thirdly we have another European spruce and maple short scale Lyn,

Nylon Brook Lyn

This one with tinted back and sides and another of our custom shaped bridges.

Maple Brook Lyn Back And Top

Les here came up from Portsmouth to change the tuners for some chrome 510s on his twenty one year old rosewood and Adirondack Tamar.

Les and his Brook Tamar

Two smallish guitars for Coda Music this month: a Little Silver in front and a parlour size Clyst behind,

Brook Little Silver and Clyst 2

Sitka tops on both of them, the Silver has English walnut back and sides, the Clyst rosewood.

Brook Little Silver and Clyst

David Harsh, who writes for a U.S. music magazine, chose a Brook Taw amongst other items in his ‘Writer’s Picks’ column!

American Review

James in Michigan is so happy with his new Tamar he’s decided to sell his 2011 Taw to fund another possible build. It’s highly customised with a four piece back of Vietnamese rosewood and Tasmanian blackwood, the top’s Siberian cedar. You can contact James at

J F Taw For Sale

This ad for a card game arrived this morning in our email. I don’t think we have to build this guitar to tell you the design isn’t going to work very well, don’t get any ideas guys!

Card Game

We’ll see you next month for the final news update of 2021!

Brook Guitars News October 2021

October 2021

On the way in to work earlier in the month I took some photos of this impressive rainbow.


We sent this Lyn up to Stephen in Kent,

cutaway walnut Lyn close up

Here’s a full length shot – Engelmann top, cutaway, pyramid bridge,

cutaway walnut Lyn

English walnut back and sides

Lyn walnut back

And a walnut head veneer with Gotoh 510 tuners.

walnut head veneer

Stephen sent us these photos taken in front of the venue of his niece’s wedding in Norwich where he played the following day. He said the guitar sounded great!

Stephen and his new Lyn

This baritone rosewood Tavy has just gone up to Coda,

It has a 670 mm scale length, we strung it with D’Addario EJ-18s and tuned it C to C.

baritone Tavy full length

Martin came down from Worthing for pickup installation a set-up on his 2007 Teign. He took this photo while I was lowering the bridge

And one of his cavapoo Django amongst the autumn leaves in the orchard!


As always, nice to have some interest in the local woods with a lacewood Blackwater and Lyn, and also an English walnut Lyn getting their first coats of lacquer in the spray-room!

Local Lacewood

After a hard day at work wiring up a couple of electric guitars Andy took a day off….

Andy at his workbench

To take on the challenge of repairing the wiring his wife Anita’s MX5,

Andy car electrics

While Jack worked at home on his latest inlay.

Jack inlaying at home

Sometime after being persuaded to part with my Lamorna – and the standard turnaround time, I now have a very nice rosewood and spruce Taw!

Si latest Taw

Brook Guitars News September2021

September 2021

All the repair work we’ve taken on over the last few months has rather upset our routine and we’ve ended up with a couple of batches together in the spray-room

Spray Sop 2

Consequently we’ve not many finished instruments to feature this month.

Spray Shop 1

Fortunately our customers have been sending us photos: Paul came down with his cutaway rosewood Taw


And Chris sent us this one of himself in his garden in Oxford with the Torridge he picked up from Oasis Music in Ringwood.


We sent this 12 fret Tamar out to Michigan last month, James sent us this shot of himself with the new guitar and his Taw tucked in behind on the sofa.


Nigel came down from the Cotswolds to pick up his sunburst Lamorna,


Our friend Richard James’ latest foray into the world of musical publishing is this fine book covering every recorded track by the late, great Tom Petty.

Tom Petty

We asked him if he’d like us to accompany this unabashed plug with a suitable moody photo of the author so he sent us this one – not sure that’s the correct location for the ear plugs Richard!


The last guitar we made for Rob Garner was a little Creedy made from a chestnut tree that was in his garden. Recently a cherry tree had to come down, we’ll wait and see what Rob has in store for that!

Two of Beth Gibbons’ guitars came in this afternoon, Beth’s 12 fret Tavy for a set up and restringing and this 1888 Martin parlour guitar – in great condition with the original case!

Two Repairs

Finally, as we’re rather short of news, we have a couple of photos from a forthcoming article about Brook Guitars – more of which next month. Firstly Andy and me at our respective work benches,

Andy and Si

And lastly a view of the dusty collection of assorted instruments in our display room.


Brook Guitars News August 2021

August 2021

Graham came over to the workshop from Tavistock with his partner Gail to pick up his new Tamar, they treated us to a medley of Nick Drake songs!

Graham and his Tamar

Graham’s figured English walnut and European spruce topped Tamar featured a shorter 630 mm scale length for ease of playing.

Short Scale Brook Tamar

We had two new guitars for Coda: This figured mahogany Taw

Mahogany Brook Taw for Coda

And this sunburst top Lamorna,

Sunburst Brook Lamorna 2

A customer visiting the workshop the other week took a fancy to the Lamorna and arranged with Coda to buy it, then pick it up from us when it was ready. Hopefully we’ll get a photo of Nigel collecting it for next month’s news.

Sunburst Brook Lamorna 1

This little Clyst is going off to Russ in Oklahoma,

Brook Clyst Full Length

Here’s a close up of the traditional looking tinted Sitka top with abalone purfling and rosette and a pyramid bridge,

Brook Clyst Close Up

And here’s the torch inlay on the headstock.

Torch Inlay

Phil and Keith came down from Somerset for quick tweaks on their two Brooks.

Phil and Keith with their Brooks

Now – just some of the ever-increasing repairs we’ve been acquiring: a new bridge for this McAlister, a Martin D18 neck re-set, a Kinkead with multiple splits, and general repair work on this National . We are going to have to turn down some of the repair work before too long as it’s starting to interfere with our main job – making guitars!

Four Repairs

Here’s the little jig we made up for cutting the fret slots on the latest fan fret Tavy we have on the go.

Fan Fret Jig

We were kindly given these sections of an old mahogany table to re-saw as guitar sets.

mahogany tables



Brookguitars News July 2021

July 2021

Louise has been waiting for a long time to come down and personally pick up her new Blackwater!

Louise Loft

Like Louise’s last Brook it was customised to her specifications, this time with lunar inlays,

Brook Blackwater Top

And exotic ebony back and sides with a figured maple centre strip,

Ebony Brook Blackwater Back

She was brought up in New Zealand and chose the Southern Cross as a pick-guard inlay!

Brook Blackwater Pickguard

Another rather interesting Brook is going off to James Filkins in the U.S. in a couple of days – a twelve fret cutaway Tamar,

John's Soundboard

With koa back and sides, padouk neck and binding,

John's Koa Tamar Back

African blackwood for the fingerboard, bridge and head veneer, with a mixture of these woods for the rosette.

John's Rosette

Along with inlays of James’ design on the headstock

John's Headstock Inlay

And fingerboard.

Dragonflies and Sun

Owen sent us this photo of himself and his new Lamorna at the Boilerhouse Gallery in Corfe Castle along with the message ” Please find the attached photo of me with the best guitar I have ever played”. Excellent, thanks Owen!

Owen and his Lamorna

Here’s Pete picking up the Taw we made for him, we featured the guitar in last month’s news!

Pete and his Taw

Rosa Rebecka gave a spirited performance at our local music day with the Lyn we made for her ten years ago out of local yew.

Rosa Rebecka 1 Rosa Rebecka 2 Rosa Rebecka 3

Thanks to Dave Rich, for all the hard work that went into organizing the thirty acts
who played at the various venues throughout the town.

Dave Rich

This walnut and moon spruce Taw went off to Rob in Leeds, he’s promised us a photo for next month’s news!

Brook Taw

Lastly a couple of Gibsons in for some attention: first off – a fine 1920 ‘F’ style mandolin that had suffered some serious damage, Andy got it back together and improved on a previous, less sympathetic repair.

Gibson Mandolin Repair

It’s never a great surprise when we get one of these in – yet another Les Paul headstock break!

Les Paul Head Break

Andy did a fine job on this, you can hardly see the join!

Brook Guitars News June 2021

June 2021

French singer songwriter Julie Blasco sent us these two photos of herself with the Creedy she’s just acquired!

Julie Blasco

We made this back in 1998 for another French artist. Check out a video of Julie playing the Creedy on our YouTube channel and for more information about Julie go to

Julie Blasco and her Creedy

Coincidentally we have a second 1998 vintage Brook featured this month – this Okement that we’ve just re-set the neck on.

Brook Okement

David and Bryony called in for a set-up on David’s resonator we made in 2015.

David and Bryony

Here’s the latest Lamorna for Project Music,

Project Music Brook Lamorna

Check out the wild looking figured English walnut!

Brook Lamorna Walnut Back

And this is the latest figured mahogany Lamorna for Coda.

Figured Mahogany Lamorna

Richard sent us this fine photo, taken whilst musing about the mysterious confluence of the Torridge and the Avon!

Avon and Torridge

Pete from Yelverton ordered this Taw which will be ready for collection shortly.

Brook Taw

It has another set of striking English walnut back and sides, a walnut neck and lace-wood binding,

Brook Taw Walnut Back

Along with a few personalised inlays on the headstock.

Taw Headstock Inlay

Another vintage Brook here, this time a 1999 Torridge 015. Bernard, the owner, asked us to retro fit a sound-port in the ribs.

Brook Torridge Sound Port

Bob bought this Lyn from Coda and brought it along for a free first set-up while visiting the area.

Bob Brook Torridge

Steve has several fan fretted guitars of ours and we’ve just drawn up a quick plan of the latest for him with a slightly more extreme 640/678 mm scale, we’ve just started work on it.

Steve Fan Fret Plan

Will Adams was spotted busking with his Lamorna in Weymouth.

Will Busking

Repair Shop: Disappointing to see a virtually new Martin in need of a neck reset so soon after leaving  the factory.

Martin Neck Re-set

We repaired this huge acoustic bass

Big Bass

And scale-wise, at the other extreme, we’ve been sympathetically renovating this uke and an Italian mandolin, coincidentally both were owned and played by the respective owner’s fathers!

Uke and Mandolin

All visitors to the workshop please beware of potholes, I took these photos along a short stretch of road on my way out here one morning recently.


Drive carefully!

Brookguitars News May 2021

May 2021

This May, as the expression goes, ‘it’s been raining cats and dogs’. Although of debateable origin it does allow us a tentative link to the photos following these Dartmoor shots of West Mill Tor and Yes Tor I took last week –

Three Dartmoor Shots

Tim’s delighted with his new koa Lamorna and, by the look of it, Tigger’s relaxed with the new addition to the family!

Tim and Tigger

T.V. has been playing live request shows over the lockdown as his intense gigging schedule came to an abrupt halt. Over the period he’s played 250 of his own songs – without repeats!

TV Live Stream

One viewer sent in these photos of a couple of TV’s new online feline fans.

TV Cats

Dave came down from North Devon to pick up his new Blackwater.

Dave and his Blackwater

He got back to us later “Just wanted to say thank you – to be part of the creation makes it even more unique and personal, the way the natural colours of the wood have come out are just stunning and it sounds and plays beautifully”……Thanks Dave, we appreciate the kind words!

Brook Blackwater May 2021

Owain’s new Weaver joins three other Brooks in his collection – a Torridge, Lamorna and a Cary. The Weaver‘s back and sides are made of an old mahogany school bench top Owain brought over to the workshop last year.

Owain's Weaver

John, from Bath, brought in his 2017 Lyn and we fitted a K&K Pure Mini pickup.

Lyn Cutaway with a K&K

Brian called in with his slightly older Okement. He bought it in Hanks, in Denmark Street, way back in 1998 and it’s served him well ever since. It was the first time Brian had visited the workshop so we honoured our normal offer of a free first set-up!

Brian and his Brook Okement

Apologies for the slightly shorter news this month, as you can see from the case collection, we’ve been inundated with repairs and we’re attempting to work our way through them one by one……


Including extensive work on this rather battered 1964 Gibson Dove.

Dove Repair

Brookguitars News April 2021

April 2021

Firstly, this month, we have this spectacular Koa Lamorna.

Koa Brook Lamorna

We bought the wood from a local furniture maker who regularly visits Hawaii sourcing the timber,

Koa Back and Front

Koa purfling to match.

Brook Koa Close Up

It’s great to be able to include customers again in our monthly news update now we’re able to invite them back into the workshop and I think it’s fair to say Tim was delighted with his guitar!

Tim and Koa Lamorna

Another Lamorna left the workshop with singer songwriter Will Adams who records under the name Graffiti,

Will and Brook Lamorna

Here are two previous recordings, Will’s planning on writing a Lamorna song inspired by the instrument.

2 CDs by Graffiti

The third Lamorna of the month, a rosewood and Sitka one, was collected by Kevin from Milton Abbot in West Devon.

Kevin and Brook Lamorna

David sent us these photos of himself with his Engelmann and black walnut Taw in his parents’ garden in New South Wales, just south of Sydney.

Torridge in N.S.W.

He’s just put in an order for a reclaimed mahogany and Sitka Lamorna.

D.H. Torridge

Stewart came over and we fitted a pickup on his new Abbey, he brought over his sunburst Lyn which will be coming up for its tenth birthday shortly.

Stuart with Abbey and Lyn

James managed to navigate the lane in the largest motor-home we’d had up here for a quick set-up on his fifteen year old cocobolo Torridge.

J.H. and Brook Torridge

Bob bought the rosewood Taw we had in the shop, we were delighted to see the slightly serious face offset by the very fine fez!

Bob and Brook Lamorna

A pair of Torridges here for Coda,

Two Brook Torridges

Sitka tops, one with a figured mahogany back and sides and the other with rosewood.

2 For Coda

Amongst the repairs this month perhaps the most interesting was this neck narrowing and reshaping on a guitar for Matt, a fine guitarist and classical guitar teacher in Exeter.

Re-shape Neck

That’s all we have for you until next month!

Brook Guitars News March 2021

March 2021

Rick Camp wrote to let us know that the Clyst model we originally made for him back in 2001 was now 20 years old, it’s been gigged extensively, here are a couple of photos of Rick and the Clyst in action!

First Brook Clyst

Regular visitors will be aware that this is our new website. We’re still tweaking it, let us know what you think. We’re really pleased with the way it’s turned out – we’ve nodded our heads to the style of the old site and improved the information on the different models and their relative sizes.

New Brook Home Page

We made this 12 string Tavy for Andrew in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. It has a Sitka top

Brook 12 string Tavy

And English walnut back and sides, Andrew was after one similar to the one we made for Ant Phillips.

Brook 12 string walnut back

Since the first lockdown and the ending of any live musical activity, our old friend, musician Richard James has taken to writing! His latest book is about the rock band UFO and, like buses, he has three more coming along shortly, celebrating Tom Petty, Status Quo and Joe Jackson. We promised Richard we’d give him a special author’s discount when his sales catch up with previous Brook owner, author Kazuo Ishiguro.

Richard and UFO

We had some stormy weather the other morning,

Stormy Morning

Andy discovered the lane blocked by a fallen tree and had to take a detour to the workshop.

Andy's Bike

Spring is in the air and Jez took the opportunity to take this little un to the park! He wrote “Thanks so much for your hand in my present! We’re setting a pattern here with the Lyn for my 40th, Holly for 50th….”

Jez and Brook Holly

Jack started making up some mahogany linings

Brook Linings

So Andy thought it may be time to overhaul the jig he made up to slot them on the bandsaw!

Andy mending the lining jig

I started roughing out the padauk neck for James in Michigan, as always with padauk there’s a lot of bright orange sawdust!

I thinned out the neck and narrowed it a little on this classical guitar for Matt from Exeter,

reshaping a classical guitar neck

Here we have the first coats of lacquer on James’ Tamar and Matt’s classical.

Two in the spray room

Megan and Brian from the duo Red, Green and Blue came down for set-ups on their guitars and treated us to an impromptu concert!

Brian and Megan outside the workshop

We’ve just reset the neck on this twenty one year old Taw

Taw neck reset

And this Gibson LG-0, we also replaced the cheap plastic bridge with an ebony one.

Stay safe as we start to come out of lockdown.

Brook Guitars News Febuary 2021

February 2021

Steve Tilston latest album ‘Such Times’ has just been released on Riverboat Records, it’s a generous helping of fifteen fine songs and tunes and we heartily recommend it.


Steve Tilston Such Times

Steve used his Calder on all but one of the tracks!


Such Times back cover

We’ve just completed this rosewood Taw for our shop,


Brook Taw Shop February
Here’s a close up of the Sitka spruce top.

Brook Taw Close Up February

Two here for Mak in Rathbone Place –


Mak's Two Brooks

An English walnut and cedar Torridge and a bubinga and Engelmann spruce Taw.


Brook Taw and Torridge

Every year we post a photo of the snowdrops in the orchard so here’s this year’s array,


Brook Workshop Snowdrops

Along with a scattering of snow on the pond.


Snow on Pond

Woody Mann emailed recently – “I’m just getting in touch to let you know that the guitar you made for me way back is sounding great and is so comfortable to play.  A different voice from my other instruments…I’ve been playing it a lot lately. Reminds me of my visit to your shop years ago.” Thanks Woody!



Here’s Andy grafting a strengthener across a tricky break on an Atkin headstock.


Andy Grafting

Anyone for a nice set of cocobolo?



And finally – a quick shot of some of the guitars we’ll be putting together and stringing up shortly.


Brook Spray Shop

Brook Guitars News January 2021

January 2021
This beautiful all koa Lyn went off to Coda,Koa Brook Lyn
Here’s a close up of the back, the wood came directly from our supplier in Hawaii.Brook Lyn Koa Back
The headstock is fitted with Schaller Grand Tune tuners with snakewood buttons.Grand Tune Tuners
A Lyn and a Lamorna went up to Mak at Mak’s Guitars in Rathbone Place.Brook Lyn and Lamorna for Mak
The Lyn‘s walnut and Engelmann, the Lamorna‘s rosewood and Sitka.Walnut Brook Lyn and Rosewood Lamorna
Two more Taws for Project:

Two Brook Taws for Project
One rosewood and Sitka and the other walnut and Engelmann.

Rosewood and walnut Brook Taws
Andrew has a Lyn he bought some years ago, he couldn’t resist the Lamorna in our shop. He wrote  “the guitar sounds wonderful, it’s a superb instrument. As requested here’s the Brook siblings, about 20 years separating them I think!”.

Andrew and Two Brooks
Andy did a fine job again getting John’s damaged Torridge back in working order.

Broken Torridge
He’s been preparing some custom necks out of maple, walnut and paduak along with some standard ones out of our old stock mahogany

Brook Workshop Making Necks
Meanwhile I’m carving necks for this batch, then preparing the guitars for lacquering.

Pre Spraying
Mark Robinson sent us this photo of the Tamar we made for him nearly twenty years ago. He’s running a songwriting workshop on Zoom on February 17th.

Mark R Tamar

We’re still busy redesigning the website, we’ve been looking through the archives and thought we’d add some models we’d initially made as one-offs to our range,

we hope to have the new site up and running to coincide with the February news update.

New Model Brook Plans
Coincidentally while all the plans were around a little Holly came in for a set-up. This one’s the guitar model on the uke body.

Brook Holly Travel Guitar

Stay safe.