Brook Guitars News June 2022

June 2022

We’ve been here at Easterbrook for nearly thirty years, several years ago we mentioned how this lime tree had grown, time has gone by and it’s considerably taller…

Lime Tree in front of Brook Guitars Workshop

Here’s the photo of Andy and myself in front it when it was a young sapling. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow, we’d like to think we can say the same for Brook Guitars!

Andy and Si

Steve from the Bristol area should be down soon to pickup his new Blackwater.

Brook Blackwater Full Length

It has a European spruce soundboard and Crelicam ebony for the back and sides,

Brook Blackwater

With a sunrise inlay on the headstock and his initials on the twelfth fret.

Brook Blackwater Headstock Inlay

Frank sent over this hard case so we’ve just sent his Abbey over to Germany.

Brook Abbey in Hard Case

We also sent this Lyn up to Paul in Oxford who, we’re happy to say, was quick off the mark when we asked for a photo!

Paul and his Brook Lyn

The Lyn has a European spruce top

Brook Lyn for Paul

With this interesting set of English walnut back and sides.

Brook Lyn Back

We’re about to give this left handed Torridge a final set-up and label it,

Allan's Brook Torridge Full Length

Then it’ll be going off to Allan in Japan, It’s back and sides are from the companion set to Paul’s Lyn in the item above.

Brook Torridge Walnut Back

Ron came down from Dorset to check out how his nylon strung Carey was coming along.

Ron and his Carey

He got in touch later to send us these photos and say” My wife thoroughly enjoyed the tour, it gave her an appreciation of the length of time required to build a fabulous, unique guitar. Thanks for everything”.

Brook Carey Stuts

This Torridge is for a Project Music customer, he asked for this Celtic inlay on the fretboard and is planning on a trip down shortly to collect the guitar.

Brook Torridge for Project Guitars

Another nice set of rippled English walnut for the back and sides.

Brook Torridge for Project Music Walnut Back

This is the first guitar for Intersound for a while, a Sitka and rosewood Lamorna.

Brook Lamorna for Intersound Music

We have this European spruce Lyn for sale,

Brook Lyn For Sale

With rosewood back and sides.

Brook Lyn For Sale Rosewood Back

John came over from the States with his beautiful yew Lamorna which, unfortunately, the airline managed to damage, We thought it might be a matter of just gluing it back up and retouching the finish but the truss-rod fixing has been knocked through the back of the neck so we’re going to have to replace the whole neck.

Yew Brook Lamorna

Not quite sure what’s going on with the signposts around here – they appear to be sinking! It’s tricky finding us at the best of times as the sat-nav invariably takes you miles out of the way, also to the wrong location.

Sinking Signposts

However we are on Google Maps and, if you’re familiar with ‘what3words’, ‘’ will get you to the entrance to our lane.

what3words to Brook Guitars