Brook Guitars News March 2022

March 2022

Ken here, with his trio of Brooks, came over from North Cornwall to pick up his new Blackwater,

Ken with his new Brook Blackwater

And George drove down from Milton Keynes for his new Lyn, his fourth Brook!

George and his new Lyn

This time with a Venetian cutaway,

Cutaway Lyn

A moon spruce top, rosewood back and sides, pyramid bridge and a K&K pickup.

Cutaway Brook Lyn

This Lamorna has just been carefully packaged and is on its way to David in New South Wales, Australia,

Brook Lamorna

Here’s a close up of the Sitka top and the dark reclaimed mahogany back and sides.

Brook Lamorna front and back

Ivor is coming down from Surrey next week to pick up his new Lyn,

Mahogany Brook Lyn

Again it’s reclaimed mahogany, though from a different source than the previous guitar.

Mahogany Lyn close up

Chris is also travelling down from Surrey for his Sitka topped, 12 fret Tamar,

12 Fret Brook Tamar

He asked Jack for a maple leaf design inlay on the fingerboard

Maple Leaf Inlay

And chose this exotic ebony set for the back and sides.

Exotic Ebony Tamar Back

I was really pleased to get this note and the latest CD from American outsider legend Michael Hurley. He has a little Bovey we made for him and brings it out now and again to record with!

Michael Hurley's Note

Gareth Hedges brought a Bert Jansch Foundation guitar round for a tweak before he recorded with it. This is one of a couple being passed musician to musician for ‘Around The World In 80 Plays’.

Gareth Around The World In 80 Plays

Gareth’s in good company, he picked up the Yamaha from Sarah McQuaid, just a few of the ¬†guitarists who’ve already signed this one include Richard Thompson, John Smith and Michael Watts!

Bert Jansch Guitar

Talking of Yamahas – Bluesman Jeff Horsey brought his vintage one in for us to replace the bridge and give it a well deserved set-up.

Another Yamaha

Repair Department: Andy did an extraordinary job getting this J200 back in pristine condition – and yes we did put the pickguard back on, I just forgot to do it before the ‘after’ shot!

J200 Repair

Nature Watch: The blossom’s coming out, along with primroses and daffodils, we’re hoping the cold spell coming up isn’t going to affect this year’s apple crop.

Daffs in the Orchard

We’ll find out later in the year.