Brook Guitars News February 2022

February 2022

A little late this year but It’s that time again – the snowdrops are back in the orchard surrounding the apple trees.

Brook Guitars Workshop February 2022

Ken, from North Cornwall, will be popping over in a couple of weeks to collect his second Brook, a Blackwater.

Brook Blackwater Full Length

This one has a European spruce top, a snowflake fingerboard inlay,

Brook Blackwater Close Up

Lacewood back and sides

Lacewood Brook Blackwater

And a stag inlay on the headstock.

Brook Blackwater Stag Inlay

Julian came down from Castle Cary to pick up the second lacewood guitar this month, a short-scale Lyn,

Brook Lacewood Lyn Back

It had a wider 46 mm nut and we fitted a K&K Pure Mini pickup.

Brook Lacewood Lyn

Here’s the lacewood back.

Brook Lacewood Lyn Back

We had a nice spread in February’s Countryman magazine.

Countryman Article February 2022

Our friend Martin Bell did a great job the other evening faced with the unenviable task of supporting the superb Clive Carroll at Alstonefields Village Hall. They also played a few numbers together, Martin was playing his bubinga Cary.

Martin C.C. Support

I’ve a soft spot for the old Hofners and have a collection of them so it was nice to see this 1959 Hofner Congress come in for some TLC!

Hofner Congress 1959

We’ve had a few emails about these guitars being sold under the Brook name. It should be fairly obvious but we would like to reiterate – the range, made in China, are not our designs or associated with us in any way.

Fake Brook

To get to the broken braces and splits in this Oakwood mandola Andy found the best way was to sacrifice the back and make a replacement after repairing the damage to the top.

Oakwood Repair

More news next month!