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If anyone over in Australia is looking for a Brook, this stunning cutaway 2015 Tavy has just come up for sale, Aaron loves the sound but is finding the neck a little too slim for comfort. You can contact him for the details here

Cutaway Yew Brook Tavy

This walnut and cedar Tamar has now found a new home!

Brook Tamar Sold

This 2016 walnut Lyn has now been sold.

Brook Lyn Sold

This 2004 Tamar has now been Sold.

Red Gum Brook Tamar

The fan fret Tamar has now been sold

Fan Fret Custom Brook Tamar

Robb's Tamar's now been sold

Robb Johnson's Tamar Sold


This Creedy has now been sold,

Brook Creedy Sold

This four year old Weaver was sold a couple of days after making an appearance in the Shop!

Brook Weaver Sold

Robbie's long scale, bubinga Tavy has now been sold

Brook Bubinga Tavy

This Teign has now been sold

Brook Teign Sold

This secondhand 2003 custom 015 Tamar has now been sold.

Cocobolo Tamar Sold


We've just sold this rosewood OM

Brook OM Sold

The second-hand sunburst Torridge 015 has now been sold

Torridge 015 Sold

The 000 has now been sold

Brook 000 Sold

Along with the Tamar,

Brook Tamar Sold

And the rosewood and Engelmann Weaver.

Brook Weaver Sold

The Torridge has now been sold.

Sold Brook Torridge

This Taw and Lyn have now been sold.

Brook Lyn And Taw Sold

This Lyn's now been sold

Brook Mahogany Lyn

And also this custom mahogany Clyst,

Brook Mahogany Clyst

Recently Sold

Brook Bovey Sold

Walnut Black Sold

Brook Guitar Tavy sold

Brook Guitar Taw sold

Brook Guitar Cherry Torridge sold

Brook Guitar Roger Lyn sold

Brook Guitar Jazz sold

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