Brook Guitars News October 2022

October 2022

We’ll start off this month with a couple of tasters for the November news so I won’t tell you too much about them until then! This one is George’s left handed Weaver

George's Brook Weaver

And this Lamorna is for Geoff, they’ll be picking them in a couple of weeks.

Geoff's walnut Brook Lamorna

Ron collected the Carey we featured last month

Ron and his Brook Carey

And Mark came down for a set up on his Lamorna and brought along these very nice American custom Steineggers for us to look at!

Mark and Brook Lamorna

Alan kindly sent us this photo of himself with his Lamorna and his Torridge, The picture was taken at Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire.  Any Brook owners who’d like to be included please do send us a photo.

Alan with Brook Lamorna and Torridge

We made a new neck for this yew Lamorna, John had flown over from the States and the neck had been irreparably damaged during the flight.

Broken neck on Brook Lamorna

An interesting story with this ten year old Torridge – Phil took it with him when he moved to Australia seven years ago. A piece of metal furniture fell on the guitar recently and cracked the ribs. Phil was coming over for a meeting in Germany, took a detour to Heathrow and drove down to see us. Andy managed to repair the Torridge while he waited, then Phil drove back to Heathrow and off to his meeting!

Australian Brook

Richard’s building up his collection of Brooks. His series of music books must be paying off! Here’s his latest on Joe Jackson along with the plan of the Bovey tenor guitar he’s just ordered.

Richard's Joe Jackson book

You’ll see we’ve taken our in-house style guru Andy to the glamorous location of his workbench to model one of our new range of Brook merchandising. Should anyone wish to look similarly stylishly attired let us know and we’ll supply purchasing information.

Andy modelling T

More of this nice old stock Honduras Mahogany from Guatemala arrived last week. That should keep us going in necks for several months.

wood for Brook necks

Here’s  a close up of the binding separating from the bodies on the Martins,

Martin bindings 2

One here’s been repaired and going back to its owner, the other’s recently come in for the same treatment.

Martin Binding Repair 1

We built a new bridge for this ‘f’ style mandolin for David.

Mandolin bridge repair

Richard has a couple of our guitars and he’s decided to sell the highly customized bubinga Lyn we made for him last year to help fund a bigger Brook model. If anyone would like to try it it’s here at the workshop.

Bubinga Brook Lyn for sale

A friend brought this around to my house to ask if it were worth us repairing it…..sometimes you just have to say no!

No no no repair

Lastly – a couple of photos of the orchard first thing in the morning

Orchard in mist 1

With the remainder of a very good crop of apples.

Orchard in mist 2