Brook Guitars News May 2020

May 2020

We’re back at work at last. Initially just the three of us, Andy, Jack and myself because of the difficulties in social distancing in our fairly compact workshop. We hope Yasmin and Jake will be able to join us again later in the year. We’ve only been back a week so there’s not that much to show you in the way of finished guitars but we’ll walk you through what’s going on:
Jack’s putting together the next batch of bodies

Jack Putting Together Guitars

Including this left handed Abbey for a customer in Massachusetts

Brook Abbey

And this thin-line nylon-strung new and, as yet, un-named model for Tulley in Montana. This one’s also a lefty.

Nylon Strung Brook

Andy’s in the machine shop preparing necks for these guitars.

Andy Preparing Brook Necks

I’m upstairs fretting and preparing the bridges for the next batch to be completed including this figured mahogany Clyst for Coda

Si Putting Bridges On Brooks

And this twelve string Blackwater for Adam in Deanston, Scotland.

Adam's Brook Twelve String

Now for the latest customers’ lockdown photos: Roel sent us this photo from his home in Ghent, Belgium.

Roel In Ghent

Pat, from Las Vegas, sent us his second contribution, this time featuring the twin six and twelve strings we made for him back in 2007.

Pat With His Twins

Dave Smith’s mahogany Torridge seems perfectly happy in hog heaven!

Brook Torridge In Hog Heaven

Mike sent us sent us this one on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of picking up his Taw, he says “The tone has only got better as the guitar has aged. It still looks like new, Thanks again for producing such a wonderful instrument “. Good to hear, thanks Mike!

Andy, Mike And Si

Tony sent us this ‘Darby and Joan’ photo of his pair of cutaway Tamars – a steel string on the left and nylon strung on the right.

Darby And Joan Brook

Here’s a first – Su sent us this ode to her Taw between a series of photos she’d taken during the lockdown.

Su's Poem

Wendy’s Lyn came in for a neck refinish after someone hadn’t thought to remove their thumb ring before some rigorous playing!

Wendy's Butterflys

This was an interesting coincidence – these two Boveys arrived at the workshop separately the same week and according to the records they were the first two of this model we made twenty five years ago!

First Two Boveys

Even older – this Manson Dove from 1990 came in for repair.

Manson Dove

A few days in, a few slips of a blade and my hands are back in the same state as before their enforced healing period.

Bad Hands

Ah well – it’s good to be back, all the same!