Trim Specifications

The 010 has an unbound headstock and fingerboard, mother of pearl fingerboard marker dots,
oblique herringbone purfling and chrome hardware.

The 015 has a bound headstock and fingerboard, diamond and dot fingerboard markers and gold hardware, abalone top border and rosette.

Both 010 and 015 are built using solid woods and come with wood bindings and ebony fingerboards,
although other materials can be used if desired. Most woods are available at the standard price for both levels of trim;
some of the rarer tonewoods can be obtained, but will be charged at a premium.

We also offer a full range of Custom Options, here are some of the most common along with their cost.


Gold Tuners £50
Ebony Buttons £25
Abalone Top Border £200
Abalone Rosette £100
Abalone around Fingerboard Extension £150
Bound Headstock with Purfling £125
Bound Headstock without Purfling £100
Bound Fingerboard with Purfling £150
Bound Fingerboard without Purfling £125
Diamonds and Dots £125
Sunburst Front £175
Sunburst Back and Sides £275
Tinted Front £100
Tinted Back and Sides £175
Tinted Neck £25
Cutaway £250