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For more than a decade, Brook Guitars have kept a constant news diary of events, showcaseing some of the beautiful instruments that they have produced or repaired over the years.

On this page we have put the complete past years archives in to one section, separated in to each year. You can navigate and preview each year by using the left hand tab panel.

News 2008

News Archive 2008

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December 2008

We’ll start off this month with a few more shots of the ‘Guitars’ exhibition guitar: here’s the black pearl flower inlay on the fingerboard

And here’s one of the Rio back and laminated neck. This rather special instrument is for sale at the Hub for £4,700

Now for some of our customers this month – Here are Martin and Les for their second Brooks, Martin’s is a cutaway Clyst and Les’ is a twelve string Creedy

David, here, came down for his rosewood Tamar

John picked up his cherry Torridge, beside him you can see a superb Les Paul replica he made himself with woods he got from us when he ordered the Torridge!

And Michael came all the way over from Germany to pick up his Rio Lyn

We’re really pleased to announce we’re now supplying the finest guitar shop in Exeter – Project Music. Here are Mike and Lee trying out the first batch of five guitars we delivered to them last week

Finally, here are some pictures of a seven string guitar we built for Yuriy from the Ukraine about ten years ago

Unfortunately Yuriy managed to break off the headstock but we managed to do a successful invisible repair on it

Whilst it was back at the workshop we thought we’d take the opportunity to show you this spectacular Devon walnut back

Now that's a lovely piece of wood!

We do like to use local woods wherever we get the chance so if you like what you see here then it's worth considering these fine English woods as an alternative to the Rosewoods and other tropical options

November 2008

For this month’s news we’ll show you a few pictures of this mandola shaped seven string guitar we made for Mike Selley

Here’s Mike, Jocinta and Ben outside the workshop playing the new creation

Mike wanted a very personal instrument and we inlaid this dove in the headstock along with a gold ingot in the truss rod cover...

...this adder on the fingerboard...

....and a pierced sound-hole with his initials

Here’s a shot of the quilted maple and Rio three piece back

We also had time to complete a couple of
Boveys, here’s Neil showing off his new one alongside his Torridge

...and this beautiful koa one with a Lancashire rose inlay for Nizam

Lastly, we’ve been invited to take part in an exhibition to celebrate the work of UK luthiers hosted by Gordon Giltrap at...

National Centre for Craft and Design – The Hub in Lincolnshire

Here’s a taster of the guitar we’re showing

The exhibition opens on the 22nd November and goes on until the 17th January

More of this next month…….

October 2008

We'll start off with a quick return to last month's news with the Otter acoustic bass again, Gareth wasn't able to pick it up from the workshop at the time so he sent a couple of pictures down to us

One here of the stunning myrtle four piece back

Freddie here came down to pick up his mahogany and cedar

And Graham, his

Here's a close up of the lacewood back

Richard's got several of our guitars already and ordered this beautiful little koa uke

Here's a shot of the koa top along with the pearl rosette and purfling

Finally a quick shot of Andy delivering the latest couple of Brooks to Colin at Intersound

If you like the look of these then drop into Intersound in Dursley in Gloucestershire and try one out.
Better be quick though as they don't hang around for long!

September 2008

Some years ago we were offering guitar making courses at the workshop, Angela has been coming up to work on this Tamar occasionally over the years and is shown here playing her finished guitar

Here's an unusual shot of our first 5 string Otter bass

We found a stunning set of myrtle for the back and sides...

... and we also designed this asymmetrical headstock to deal with the fifth string

Below is a shot of the inside of the Ash, a rather unusual instrument

We made the original of this some years ago for Billy Connolly - a five string banjo with a wooden body

Keith is really pleased with his one

Here's a close up of the sequoia front

And another of the figured cherry back

And finally...

We're really pleased to be able to put on The Honeytones for another gig in the barn this year on Friday the 19th of Sept

We had a great time last year and we're looking forward to more fun this time around

August 2008

Maria here came over to our workshop with the intention of ordering a custom made guitar but went away with this koa Taw we had in stock

Brian's the lead guitarist in the Dave Rich Band and has just collected his cutaway cherry Tavy to concentrate on some acoustic playing

Alan here has quite a collection of our guitars now and owns the first 12 string we ever made

The beautiful back on this Lyn is reclaimed Brazilian rosewood

This guitar was a 50th birthday present from his wife Marion who asked for this inlay on the 12th fret...

and we designed this extra label for the inside!

That gives it a nice personal touch don't you think?

July 2008

Again, quite a few cherry guitars went out this month - here's Dave Smith with his third Brook, this time a Torridge

... and Chris came down for his cherry Taw

Take a look at the figuring on this slab-sawn back!

Then Steve and Norm from Intersound popped in for their latest batch

Norman ordered this 'fruit and nut' Torridge {cherry and walnut) for himself

Phil Simons came down from Surrey to pick up his rosewood Tamar and enjoyed an overnight stay at the 'Tom Cobley' in Spreyton before heading back in the morning

Here are a couple of close-ups of a spectacular 12 fret Rio Teign for Tom Brookes....

And one of the proud owner

Every month we get a fresh bunch of challenging repair jobs. A tricky bit of clamping on a double bass here....

And here's one of the many Martin refinishes we've had in over the years, look how easily the top coats of lacquer separate from the wash coat

As you can see, we have been busy this summer

But that's the way we like it!

June 2008

We recently received a 5-Star review for one of our guitars in
'Guitarist' magazine.

Read all about it right

Also this month, Rhyd Lewis came down here to collect his new cherry

and James Murphy picked up his second Brook - a slope shouldered Teign

An old friend of ours, Nick Bassett turned up for his for his custom American Red gum Tamar

Here are two close-ups of a beautiful matt finish walnut Tamar we made for Roger King

And this one shows off the heel

Finally – a quick picture of a 1930’s Columbia guitar we recently had in for a neck re-set and fingerboard replacement. It's for a customer in Spain

Some people will travel far to get the Brook workmanship

May 2008

First this month is the model we've just made for Ian Anderson, it's a replica of the one we originally made for him when we were working with Andy Manson many years ago

Ian regularly uses this one on stage

And Kevin here, came down from Edinburgh to pick up his 12 string cherry
Tamar, he asked us to build it with reversed octave strings on the lower three courses to suit his playing style

Mark here didn't have to travel quite so far but still had a three hundred mile round trip to collect his rosewood and European spruce

Here are the latest batch of guitars we've just sent up to Ivor Mairants' shop in London

Here's our friend Mike Selley who came to visit us the other day to see how we were getting on with his latest instrument - a seven string mandola shaped guitar! To find out a bit more about Mike please click here

We're working on this new instrument for Mike at the moment so watch this space for developments

April 2008

April sees us hard at work keeping up with the order book
Here's Michael Lockwood with before and after pictures of his red gum Lyn


and After...

This battered Brook Taw belongs to TV Smith, this guitar has seen more action than any other we've made, at the last reckoning it was about 1000 hours just on stage!

And now for another one-off: Tom here wanted us to build a baroque type guitar and fashion a bridge in the shape of his moustache...

Here are a couple of close ups of the result...

and the headstock...

Finally, Stephen here lives in Switzerland and bought his Torridge from Ivor Mairants, in London.

He got in touch to thank us and sent us this excellent picture

We'd love to see any unusual pictures of customers with their Brooks in interesting locations and we'd love to add them to the site so please send them in to us

March 2008

Matt here is a fine guitarist and singer, he's been using our guitars for several years now, he came down this month to pick up this lovely Rio Lyn

Here's Bev with our farm dog Polo listening closely. Bev ordered this walnut Bovey to use with a really interesting tuning and string selection she's developed for her songwriting

The first left handed guitar of the year is for Richard Vanstone, here's a close up of his cherry and European spruce Tamar

and here's an action shot

Martin and Les came down from London last year to order these two Lyns

They both chose our finest Indian rosewood for the bindings and purfling as well the back and sides, Les chose a European spruce top for his...

...and Martin chose cedar

And lastly, here's Colin collecting the latest three for Intersound

They are... a rosewood Taw and Torridge along with a splendid Koa Tamar

Pop into Intersound if you're near Dursley (between Gloucester and Bristol) and get them while they're hot...

February 2008

Many thanks to Adrian Legg for the namecheck in this month's

Adrian Legg

Adrian said:
"The only people who make a good parlour size at this time are a bunch in Devon who were taught the dark arts by Andy Manson ...

The Brook Creedy is one of the most delightful guitars ever made. It sits small and docile in your arms, doesn't twist your back over or your shoulder out of joint, and focuses exactly on the sound you need to come out when you fingerpick...."

Acoustic - Feb/March 2008

Iain Clyst

Iain (above) also came down to pick up his new mahogany Clyst

Slotted Head Waverlys

Here's a shot of the headstock with our favourite Waverly tuners

John Lyn

Here's a picture of John who came down with his brother and spent an enjoyable evening at the Tom Cobley in Spreyton before venturing over to the workshop to collect his walnut Lyn 015


We inlaid his initials in the slotted headstock

Stans Sequoia top

Apologies to Stan from North Devon for not getting a photo when he came for this beautiful sequoia topped Lyn

Malcolm Dobson

Finally - here's a picture of Malcolm Dobson and us in the orchard with his custom Madagascan rosewood Tamar

Deep Cutaway

Malcolm wanted a really deep cutaway, a 24 fret fingerboard extension and an Ellipse pickup system along with fairly light strings

We made sure that he got what he wanted!

January 2008

Happy New Year to everyone!

We saw a few more guitars leave the workshop before our Christmas break.

Howard here came down for his cherry 12 fret Torridge

Howard Torridge

Thea, a classical guitar player, came to visit, fell in love with this Taw and couldn't resist taking it away

Thea Hughes

Arthur picked his guitar up from us a couple of years ago and we didn't get a photo at the time so when he was passing by last month we took the opportunity to get a shot of him and his Torridge

Arthur Torridge

We hope Pat won't mind us including a couple of pictures his wife April took on Christmas Day

Pat Xmas 1

Pat lives in Las Vegas and we've got to know him pretty well over the nine months we've been making these two Ian Anderson models for him

Pat Xmas 2

We were going to send them after the holiday but April thought it'd be a real surprise for him to get them on Christmas morning.

Pat Xmas 3

We just managed to get them shipped out on time...

Pat Xmas 4

...and Pat was quite overwhelmed to open the case and see them!

We hope the new year is good to you and we look forward to making more fantastic guitars in 2008

News 2007

News Archive 2007

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December 2007

The December News is in two sections:

Firstly here's our friend Bob with the new Lyn 12 string we've just made for him

Bob and Lyn

It's a spectacular koa custom 015

12 body

and features a lot of hand-cut inlay work...

12 close

plus a custom headstock

12 strin head

Needless to say, it sounds terrific!


Next we have an unashamed plug for Pete Berryman's latest CD along with some of the reviews it has earned

Berryman CD

Pete was playing his Tavy on all the tracks and we really like the result; hope you do too!

Pete Berryman

"Pete explores various moods and influences with equal respect for folk jazz and celtic roots with his delicate fingerstyle technique. His love for the acoustic guitar and its ability for nuance and subtlety is showcased in this album of fresh and highly original compositions. Enjoy"
Ralph McTell

"Pete Berryman, and his contemporary Bert Jansch, still have plenty to offer us in the 21st century, it’s hard to believe that a period of thirty years lies between some of these compositions when they all sound so vibrant and new. ." Acoustic Magazine

"Pete is one of the unsung heroes of the British acoustic guitar movement."
John Renbourn

"Pete Berryman is one of the UK's hidden jewels."
Guitarist Magazine


November 2007

We've had more folks down this month picking up their guitars:

Norman and Nelson here picked their Taw from Andy's house: that's Nelson on the left

Norman and Nelson

while George picked up his Tamar from Simon's

George Tamar

Richard came up from Cornwall for his second Taw

Richard from Cornwall

and Angel even came across from Spain for his one!

Angel from Spain

Jonathan came down for this sweet sounding Tamar baritone set up for the Pat Metheny tuning.

Jonathan Tamar

And here's Peter with his new Tavy

Peter Tavy

he found this fantastic set of Madagascan rosewood for us to use on the guitar

Madagascan RW

and as if that wasn't enough, Jack finished it off with a fine job on this spectacular hummingbird and vine inlay

Inlay work
Very fetching indeed!

October 2007

We'd like to thank Melissa for this month's classy black and white photos from the recent Acoustic Guitar Show in Cheltenham

We met up with friends, other guitar makers and past customers and had a great weekend in the grand settings of the Cheltenham Town Hall.

So here are some of the highlights...

Alister Atkin and Simon sharing a joke before the show opened


Here's Andy, Simon and Graham Coxon. Graham had seen this koa Taw on our site, bought it and came along to the show to pick it up

Graham Coxon

While he was here he couldn't resist trying out Simon's uke

Blur fella

Here's Amrit Sond trying out a baritone of ours. Amrit's a terrific player, check out his stunning clips on You Tube

Amrit Sond

Hopefully the show gave some people the chance to try out a range of our guitars for the first time


Here are some of Alister's guitars with Andy Manson's mermaid guitar in the background


Here's our favourite player and good friend Dave Wood playing for us out in the corridor

Dave Wood

Lastly - how the hell did we get all these in the one car?
The answer, of course, is to put the uke in last !

Cases for Cheltenham

PS. Mustn't forget - thanks to Dave Smith for the excellent Dorset fruit cake he bought up for us
We'll look forward to exhibiting at the show again next year

September 2007

First we should mention that we are going to be on the road this month...

On Sat and Sun the 8th and 9th of September we'll be attending

"The Acoustic Guitar Show"
Town Hall

We hope you can make it along. There will be lots of gorgeous guitars and some great players around to demo them. We'll be sure to bring a fine selection of our best loved models and maybe a few surprises...


This month we're also making the most of the late summer light to get some fetching shots of our customers in the orchard with their new guitars

John Golding

Here's John Golding from South Devon with his lacewood Tavy

John Golding Lacewood

While John was waiting for us to complete this guitar he managed to get hold of a second hand Brook to keep him going...

Some people just can't wait to get their hands an a Brook!

Pete Johnson (below) picked out out a spectacular set of Rio for his top-of-the-range 015 Teign which he enjoyed playing in front of one of our plum trees!

Pete Johnson Teign

And Rory King also seems very happy with his own new Rio Tamar

Rory King Tamar

He has a Strat neck he particularly likes and he bought it down for us to replicate when we carved the neck - this is just one of the many options on a custom-made instrument like this.

August 2007

First off for August, here's Tony Kerry, Simon and Andy, along with Polo, making the most of the sunshine and playing part of Tony's increasing collection of Brooks!

Tony Kerry Dejeuner sur L'Herbe

Tony wanted something to remind him of the Brook workshop on his latest Rio Tavy so Jack inlaid a buzzard and a sparrowhawk on the headstock.

Buzzard and Sparrowhawk

Marcus here is a superb guitarist with a really distinctive style

Marcus Taw

He came to us last year with some top grade rosewood he'd bought on his travels in India and asked us to build a guitar for him out of it.

This beautiful Taw is the result!

Now wasn't that worth going the distance for?

July 2007

We've been dodging the rain this month to take some photos of our customers out in our orchard

First up is Tracey Curtis who's a great young singer songwriter and releases her CDs on Robb Johnson's 'Irregular Records'. Robb pointed her in our direction and she fell for the red gum Taw we had in stock

Tracey Curtis

Here's Garry Wall from Oldham with his own new red gum Tamar, Garry's a regular at the RMMGA meetings that we try and get along to every year in Buxton

Garry Wall Tamar

Here's a photo of the gorgeous wood on the back

Garry Wall Red Gum

Last but not least we have Mark Walters from Grimsby

Mark Walters

Mark ordered this cutaway Torridge in Walnut after seeing Stuart Ryan perform with his

Mark Walters Walnut

That's a nice reverse view showing off the Walnut in all its glory

June 2007

Our Lyn models have been popular this month - here's John Gourlay from Plymouth picking up his rosewood & sitka 010

John Gourlay Lyn

John Scoble also dropped by and intercepted this beautiful reclaimed Rio 015 Lyn on its way to the online Shop

John Scoble

This one came with a custom Headstock inlay

And some top quality Rio on the back which justifies another view


Woody Mann invited us to bring along some guitars to his blues workshop weekend at Totnes recently and liked this Tamar so much he played it throughout the course

Woody Crew

Brook owners were well represented there and you may see some familiar faces in the crowd.

Woody and Simon

And here's one of Woody suggesting that Simon lets him keep the Tamar ...

Of course we had to politely decline. That Tamar is now in the Shop as well

May 2007

This is a close up of a custom 12th fret inlay we've just finished for Jud who comes from Ireland

12 fret Jud

Take a step back and you can see that it's a beautiful birds eye maple Taw

Juds Maple Taw

The 12th fret job wasn't the only inlay Jud requested...

He also wanted this Celtic knot inlaid on the headstock

Headstock Inlay

We like putting these individual touches on our guitars to personalise them for players and make them stand out even further from the crowd

But if you are the kind of player who simply can't wait while we do the tricky fiddly inlay stuff and you want to get your hands on a Brook TODAY!...

... then you could do a lot worse than make your way to Intersound in Dursley...

Teign Torridge Tamar

...That's where these three are destined for. From the top that's a
Teign (dreadnought) a Torridge and a Tamar. You'd best be quick because they tend not to stay there for long.

Good luck

April 2007

Here's Stephen Singleton's beautiful new
Clyst made out of local walnut

Stephen Singleton Clyst

And here's a closer look at that bridge


Stephen decided quite a few years ago he was going to get a Brook and ordered these splendid Rodgers tuners to compliment the walnut burl veneer on the slotted headstock

Slotted Headstock

And this is a little Creedy which went out to Tom Whitlow in New York a couple of weeks ago


Tom wrote - "What a pleasant homecoming surprise! The Creedy is a marvel and I am enjoying it immensely. It looks like a Brook, not a something else wanna be. In other words, precisely what I wanted"

We also get asked to take on a lot of the more unusual repair jobs that other people prefer not to tackle. Here's an example...

Two Shiny Resonators

These are a couple of resonators which we were asked to fit new necks for and upgrade the cones on

They turned out pretty nicely!

March 2007

We've just finished this wonderful guitar which we'd like to share with you


It's a rather exotic
Rio Tamar 015 with quite a few custom additions - among them a laminated neck, veneered back of the headstock and abalone logo, snakewood bindings and Waverly tuners as well as a stunning set of reclaimed Rio Rosewood

The guitar now resides with James Boon, shown here on the day when he came to pick it up.

Rio Tamar

Also here this month was Matthew Miles who was happy to be photographed showing off this fetching
Teign dreadnought

Matthew came down to the workshop earlier in the year to make a short film for his college project, we're hoping to stream it on the site when it's completed

Matthew Miles

We're also about to put a couple of new guitars up for sale in the SHOP so watch this space...

February 2007

We've had a few visitors at the workshop this month as we've just finished a rather lovely collection of new instruments

First up is Björn who came all the way from Sweden especially to pick up his second Brook (he ordered this one when he came to collect the previous one!)


His stunning new
Clyst is made from Grand Palisander

Grand Palisander Clyst

This view shows the exotic lines of this wood. We'd used this wood once or twice before but it is extremely rare.

Palisander Close up

Here is a shot of the
Clyst (above) next to a Cedar and Rio Lyn (below)


Next along was Ben Lewis who came to pick up his new

Bens Taw

You can't tell from the outside but Ben's
Taw has double interlocking cross braces inside as Ben was looking for a silky, archtop type sound. this is something we've been using on our Dart model but this was the first time we tried it on a Taw.

Ben loved the results, which made the top a bit more rigid and produced a jazzy, top-end flavour to the sound

As well as these indoor types we also had a couple of hardy souls who chose to brave the Devon weather to get these daylight shots of their new guitars

Julian Rowe outside

Julian Rowe (above) has been round to pick up his new
Bovey to go with the Taw he already has. The Bovey is in Yew and the Taw is Walnut

And next up is a friend who goes by the name of 'Uke Stanza'. Uke is playing his new Rio
Lyn (as seen with the Clyst above) As you can see, he already has one of our resonators so his collection is expanding.

Uke Stanza

He will also be performing at the Anti-Folk weekend at the
12 Bar Club in London next weekend (Fri 16th and Sat 17th Feb)

January 2007

We're just about to finish a fresh batch of guitars so we thought
we'd take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year and to give
you a quick snapshot of what's happening in the workshop right now

Kev and Jack

Here are Kev & Jack in the groundfloor workshop

Andy and Andy

Meanwhile the two Andys
are upstairs in the sprayroom rubbing down and polishing


and here's Melissa working on a uke

We thought you might like to see a couple of stages in the
building process so...

Bloodwood sets

...here are a few shots of a guitar we made for Gary in the States who sent us this beautiful set of bloodwood to build his guitar from

Top and sides

here are the top and
sides ready to go together

along with the completed body

Tavy Body

Add a neck and a bit of magic and we have the finished guitar - this one's a

Tavy Finished

If yu have any exotic woods in mind for your own ideal guitar, let us know what they are. We like to try new combinations. Especially when they turn out like this one.

Happy New Year from the team at Brook Guitars

News 2006

News Archive 2006

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Some people like things a wee bit different: amps that go up to 11 for instance. Likewise for some acoustic guitar players, one soundhole just isn't enough...

Holy Moses

It doesn't matter to us if you want half a dozen sound holes: just tell us where you want them and we'll see to the rest

One interesting feature this does afford us is the opportunity to take some pictures from angles most people never see their guitars from

Don't see this every day

Nothing wrong with the conventional perspective either - this pic below shows off the wedge-shaped contour on this truly unique cutaway Lyn made for Kevin Hopper

These are two new custom options we are offering: whether it's an extra soundhole or the comfort of the wedge-shaped contour we are happy to oblige. The wedge is tapered from a narrower upper side down to the conventional width for the lower side. Playing this guitar in the workshop has won us over to this new custom design feature


There's nothing conventional about these beauties either, which are on their way to the dealers. This Rio
Taw is on its way to Intersound in Dursley

red gum Lyn

And this cedar-topped Red Gum
Lyn is headed for Ivor Mairants in London

Cedar Top

The Red Gum has been popular this month and this
Taw shown below is also headed to Ivor Mairants

And this is yet another Red Gum guitar just off the presses. In this case it's a
Torridge featuring a pyramid bridge which has been built for Bob Harris

Wee Torridge

Get them while they're hot!

October 2006

Season of mists and mellow tunefullness... Autumn has migrated here and is turning the countryside various shades of reddish brown. Here are a few of the latest inspirational arrivals and departures

First up: this lovely couple are worthy of an ode or two surely?

Lovely Pair

The Lacewood
Torridge in the foreground has flown off to Ivor Mairants music shop in London. The Lyn in American Red Gum was last seen at Intersound in Dursley, Gloucestershire

David Perkins

David Perkins here is also taking advantage of the mild spell to get out and play his guitars outdoors. He now has added new walnut Tavy Baritone to complement the Lyn he bought last year.

We also noted the arrival of this nice little Creedy in Rio Rosewood


It features a distictive cutaway and some quite wonderful straight grained Rio

Straight Rio

It plays rather beautifully too - but you'll have to take our word for that

Whole view

They never seem to hang around though... one minute they're here, next they've fluttered off...

September 2006

English woods are becoming ever more popular and are showing up time and again in our order book these days. It's lucky we've got some good sources down here in the westcountry.

Nick Kail Yew Taw

Nick Kail here has just collected his new
Taw in English Yew. This wood has become so popular that we're rapidly running out of stock. The last lot was top notch and came from an estate near Exeter and we'd better try to find some more before we get down to the last set

Mick Crook Walnut Torridge

Mick Crook is another who likes to keep it local. Here he can be seen with his brand new custom
Torridge which is made from English Walnut which we got from North Devon and cut up ourselves. Mick's guitar features a lovely cutaway and his initials inlaid at the 12th fret

Mick Crook Walnut Torridge2

This batch of Walnut has been particularly striking and our customers have appreciated it too. So much so that we're also going to have to get hold of some more of that as well.

As well as the Walnut and Yew we've also been making quite a few guitars from Cherry and Lacewood so it would be fair to say that the English woods are performing pretty well this season.

We'll let you know when we get some our hands on some new stock,
so watch this space...

August 2006

This month's most striking new arrivals are this pair of matching travel guitars for our German friend, the inimitable 'Robespierre'

Twin Travel gtrs

One 6 string, one 12 , both with moustachio bridges, this pair are positively bristling with custom features, including Robespierre's initial at the 12th fret...


...not to mention his name on the headstock...

Robespierre has always been a colourful performer but he'll be even more unmistakable now he has these eye-catching beauties

twin heads

Other happy customers this month include Robert Spence and his lovely Ovankol
Taw with cutaway

Robert Spence

Howard Bragen is also perched pretty happily in his tree with his new

Howard Bragen

...And Doug McCarthey couldn't wait to get out and climb trees so he is shown here in the workshop making some wonderful sounds with his new long scale
Clyst parlour model

Doug McCarthey

That's quite a few satisfied customers this month and we just continue to get busier and busier: and for that we thank you!

July 2006

We've got a lovely bunch of cutaways...

Glitzy Okement

This month we've had a few guitars featuring cutaways come to completion. Above is Bob's Rio
Okement which also features some fancy inlay work

Taw Cutaway

And this one is a nice drop cutaway on an Ovankol
Taw which belongs to local player Robert down here in the westcountry

Florentine Tamar

This is an American Red Gum
Tamar which is now on its way to Daniel in Sweden

We also do a nice Venetian style cutaway (which is more rounded than the 'sharp-looking' Florentine cutaways seen here. Maybe we'll have one of those to show you next month

June 2006

This is our friend Chris Ayliffe who comes by regularly to our workshop and sometimes walks off with a new guitar - but not before entertaining us with his bluesy fingerstyle picking

Chris And his Lyn

On this occasion he was here to pick up his new 12 string
Lyn which is now part of a double act as Chris already has the 6 string version (behind)
Proof positive that one good thing can lead to another

Dolphin Inlay

Talking about good things, Jack has just added this lovely inlaid dolphin to a fine grand palisander
Tamar for Mike Keogh

Often it's the little touches like these which make an instrument stand out from the crowd

Also this month, we're very proud to get a mention in the credits of the new Scritti Politti CD which has just reached the shelves

Scritti Liner Notes

Green Gartside took one of our guitars into the studio at the start of this project and it features quite a lot throughout the CD

It's rewarding to hear our guitars play a part in the gorgeous Scritti Politti sound

May 2006

This month has been hectic and we apologise to regular visitors for the late posting of the monthly news bulletin

This has been due to time constraints forced on us by so many of you who have been on the phone hoping that your guitars are ready

Richard James

All is now well in the Brook workshop now that these guys have their new guitars in their hands and smiles upon their faces - Above is Richard James sporting his brand new nylon strung
Little Silver which he has just taken home

Richard Clough

And this is Richard Clough who now owns a lovely new
Tamar but couldn't wait to get it home and began playing in the garden here!

Tony Burger

And Tony Burger here is now in possession of his new walnut
Torridge and he too felt the need to sit on the grass and get to grips with it

John Bell and Simon

You lot have certainly kept us busy this month but being great believers in fine attention to detail, that's the way we like it. We're happy to spend the time it takes to get you the guitar that you want and that means we do a whole lot of listening

John Bell is seen here discussing wood choices and the finer details of the guitar he wanted us to make for him

Yew Back

He decided to get himself a nice
Clyst in Yew and we think he's pretty satisfied with the results. Yew is such a strikingly coloured wood and more and more people are opting for this as their own preference

We look forward to a busy summer and hope to see a lot more of you sitting on the grass in our garden

April 2006

Seems we were a bit premature and optimistic with the last bulletin, declaring winter to be over...


This was the scene here a couple of weeks ago... Brrrrrrrrr!

Rio Tavy

Still, come inside and warm your fingers on this nice bit of Rio which we've turned into a lovely

Tavy 2

That's quite heartwarming isn't it?

Rio Closeup

It looks warm, it feels warm and guess what...

It sounds as warm as well

Hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll be sitting outside on the grass doing some 'open air testing'

March 2006

Winter is drawing to a close and Spring will be with us shortly
We have not been in hibernation though and this shot of the business end of the workshop is testimony to our application through the dark months

Many Guitars

Just as the guitars are finished though, people tend to turn up and take them away from us - like Nick McCooke here who initially bought a
Tavy from Ivor Mairants shop in London and then subsequently liked it so much that he came to us directly for this Lyn in birds eye maple and Bovey in walnut

Nick McCooke

Then there was Paul Downing who came and relieved us of this lovely fretless Otter bass

Paul Downing

And then one of the finest Taws we've ever made (in Sequoia and Rio) was taken home by Marcus here, who obviously appreciates the view from the back of this guitar

Marcus and his Taw

The Sequoia on the top is pretty nice too we thought...

Nice Grain

...And that's not to mention the headstock veneer...

Headstock Veneer

...But we have to admit that the back is worth another look...

Rio Back

It's been a struggle getting to our isolated workshop on some days this winter, what with all the snow down here recently but I'm sure these pics willl help connoisseurs of fine guitars appreciate that it's all been worthwhile

February 2006

We've been having a 'small is beautiful' theme this month
Here are a few of the results...


From the left that's a steel string Holly, a Holly Tiple, a nylon string Holly and a slightly larger Bovey

Holly Tiple

The Holly Tiple here is going to be despatched to Greece to meet its new owner

We're really happy with this little lot and I think the clients will be too

January 2006

We would like to announce the arrival of a newcomer to the virtual high street:

Brook Guitars: the virtual shop has landed and is open for business


Basically the thinking behind this is that we receive a lot of calls from people who are in a hurry and want a guitar immediately - without waiting for the 9 months it can take to build a custom instrument.

So we've begun to make some guitars without actually having a buyer in mind.

This means that from now on we will usually have a small number of completed guitars in the workshop at any time so that clients can monitor this shop section and call us to see what we have and what's coming along shortly

First on the list is this custom
Lyn 015


This model is in Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood and is a delight to play

Look in the shop for more details