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For more than a decade, Brook Guitars have kept a constant news diary of events, showcaseing some of the beautiful instruments that they have produced or repaired over the years.

On this page we have put the complete past years archives in to one section, separated in to each year. You can navigate and preview each year by using the left hand tab panel.

News 2002

News Archive 2002

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December 2002

For the final bulletin of the year we thought we'd introduce you to Michael Watts. As a previous winner of the 'Guitarist of The Year' competition it goes without saying that he is a superb fingerstyle player.

Michael Watts

This picture highlights the lovely cedar top and drop cutaway on his new Tamar  but it also conceals other features of this unique guitar

From the front we can see clearly the unorthodox through bridge

Cedar Top

And in this shot we can see that he has opted for the gorgeous American Red Gum back and sides to compliment the cedar top

American Red Gum Back

Michael requested his Tamar built to these specifications after being particularly impressed by a previous guitar we'd made using the same woods combination

Quite often a customer will approach us having played one of our guitars with this same idea ("I'd like it to be similar to that one... but with x,y,z personal finishing touches") Needless to say we try to accomodate all requests and this guitar highlights how personalised our instruments can be.

Michael now lives in Greece and now that he has received his new guitar he has just started recording in a studio there for his latest CD. We're sure it will be as lively and colourful as the Tamar

Guitar specs: Red Gum (back and sides) Cedar (top) with Rosewood bridge, Ebony fingerboard, Rio head veneer, Koa, Maple and Rosewood purflings and binding.



November 2002

This is Tony Kerry

Tony's trio

We like Tony Kerry a lot because he came to our workshop to order a guitar...

and ended up ordering THREE!

A detailed breakdown of Tony's proud haul is:

1 Walnut Tavy (with cutaway) 015
1 Bovey 015
1 Indian Rosewood Taw 010


Here's a shot of the Tavy sound-hole inlay

Tavy Soundhole


And here's a pic of us helping Tony to hear them all played simultaneously

Tony and us



October 2002

It is with regret that we bring you the news of the death of Tim Rose

Tim Rose and us

Tim Rose 1940 - 2002

Tim was a friend and customer since we met him over five years ago. This picture was taken when he visited us to pick up his guitar.

He'll probably be remembered as the guy who did the version of 'Hey Joe' which Jimi Hendrix picked up on and had huge success with, but Tim would probably rather you remembered him by listening to his own inimitable voice on songs such as Natural Thing

There is a condolences page at Tim's own website for those who would like to leave a message


September 2002

I'm afraid we've been found guilty of experimenting again:

not content with the usual fare of top notch acoustics, this month we've also turned out this interesting instrument (seen here at an early stage)

It's another of those half-banjo half-bouzouki thingies (see News item for Feb 2002) only this time we gave it some cutaways and finished it in high gloss black with a lot of ornamentation.


Here's a shot of the back

Banzouki back


And here's Andy playing the finished article.


Now that's a Rock'n'Roll banjo!

Maybe we should do a 6 string version



August 2002


We made some nice guitars recently which have winged their way to Ivor Mairants' music shop in London: the list of instruments is as follows

Lyn in Indian Rosewood and Sitka Torridge in Yew and Sitka
Tamar in European Maple and Sitka Tavy in Ovangkol and Sitka

Unfortunately, due to the high demand for our guitars these ones left here in such a hurry we forgot to take pictures before they were packed off. This has left us short of a news bulletin.

That was until... a friend and customer of ours dropped by with a child's metal guitar he had found in a waste skip



Now that's not a typical Brook instrument by any stretch of the imagination: it's pink and yellow and it's made of metal

Simon couldn't resist sticking some tuning pegs on it though and stringing it up and guess what... it actually sounds great played with a slide!

Pinky slide

Maybe we'll start making our own line of these things? We could certainly have some fun with the colour schemes!

To try out the real McCoys, Ivor Mairants is on Rathbone Place in London, just off Oxford Street



July 2002

We recently decided that we needed to upgrade some of the pictures on our website - we've been snapping away at our guitars, our workshop and our customers for years now but not being expert photographers we've always been wrestling the problems of bad light and unwanted reflections here and there and the result was that we felt we were not doing the guitars justice.

So we decided to get a professional in and do the job properly. Enter Colin White from the photography department at the National Gallery in London.

Colin Brollies

We thought that if Colin takes pictures of the artistic treasures to be found in the National Gallery then maybe he could give us a few tips on how to photograph our works. We were not wrong; and he also showed us a load of equipment we didn't understand. We're going to be adding the results to this website over the next few weeks so let us know if you like what you see.

Some of the new pictures may end up in an exhibition in London which Colin is working on; we'll keep you posted on the details.

Colin and the Koa Tavy


While we're on an artistic note - we also did this rather eye-catching inlay of a kingfisher recently on the headstock of one of our Boveys and we did suggest to Colin that he take it back and get it framed and hung up in the National Gallery


Kingfisher headstock


Unfortunately, Mark Douglas from Ohio, who ordered this inlay work, didn't see it that way and insisted on having it shipped over the Atlantic!



June 2002

This Tavy is certainly one to stand out in a crowd. It shows that highly figured Koa from Hawaii is not only a fine wood for the back and sides of an instrument but is also an excellent and striking choice for the top of the guitar. Needless to say this produces a distinctive tone as well.



This picture shows the instrument at the stage where the neck is being joined to the body.

And here is a close up of the same guitar once it's been strung up

Nice stuff that Koa!

Koa Clamped



May 2002

This is aCreedy unlike any other we've built before. It comes with some intricate black pearl inlay on the top, soundhole and fretboard and a stunning black gloss finish to boot (you may have noticed that already!)

Black Creedy

And no, before you ask, this wasn't commissioned by Johnny Cash (although we'd be happy to build him one)

This model belongs to Brook collector, Steve Bennett who has recently added this model to his ever-expanding list of Brook guitars. See Steve's entry in our for more details on Steve's guitars



April 2002

From 12th to the 14th of April we attended the annual gathering of the RMMGA UK guitar newsgroup at Hargate Hall in Buxton, Derbyshire. It was a heart-warming experience and it was great to talk guitars again with some of the folks we met here last year. You can tell from this shot that these guys are being forced to smile... can't you?


We took along some guitars for the attendees to enjoy and they seemed to be very well appreciated.

For more info on the RMMGA check them out at https://www.rmmga.org or take a look at the newsgroup on Usenet:

For some further pics check out

Ronan's pics

Shirley's pics



March 2002

This month we have received a copy of the latest CD from the Famous Jug Band pictured below, with Pete Berryman and hisTavy right at the front.

Famous Jug Band

We think it's a fantastic piece of work and is thoughtfully dedicated to Henry, the Jug player, who died last August.



February 2002

February can be a strange month: it's been raining a lot round here and it gets dark early. So we've been doing a bit of experimenting recently to stave off the winter blues. These pictures are of a hybrid instrument (Half banjo, half bouzouki) which we've been working on for Howard Yates


This is certainly not a typical Brook instrument but we try to accomodate the needs of the players out there if we feel we have the expertise... and if we just fancy the challenge of such a one-off novelty as this! Back to guitars for March; we promise!

Zouk Back

This view from the back of the instrument displays the fact that all our necks are hand carved to achieve the ultimate playability which our clients have come to expect of our guitars (or banjo-bouzoukis for that matter)

Neck Hand-Carving

Just a little more should do it...

Take a look at the Yates Brothers pictures in our Gallery to see how this one turned out.



January 2002

Well, we needed a good way to start the year and we were scratching our heads trying to think of one and then what happens? ...Adrian Legg decides that he'd rather like one of our Creedy Parlour guitars. Wow!

We were happy to oblige, of course (as well as feeling honoured that such a gifted player has chosen to play one of our instruments)

Here's a pic of the happy couple - we believe they're currently doing a spot of recording together. Maybe we'll give you a sneak preview of some of that material in the Gallery a little bit later.

Adrian Legg

For the moment, we'd just like to welcome Adrian aboard and we hope he gets many years of enjoyment and inspiration from his new Brook instrument.

It seems that the Creedy is having a bit of an exposure explosion at the moment - we also just heard that it won "best guitar of the year" in the 'over £900' category in "The Guitar" magazine roundup for 2001.

Here's hoping it continues to win such illustrious admirers in 2002


News 2001

News Archive 2001

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December 2001

Those of us who play and love the guitar are reeling from the recent loss of George Harrison. He was such an influential character and player in this field that we could not let this pass without paying our respects to his memory and offering our condolences to his family, friends and his fans.

George Harrison


He will be very sadly missed and we thank him for making us all love this instrument a bit more.

Geoarge tuning


George Harrison (1943-2001)



November 2001

On the 2nd 3rd and 4th of this month some of our guitars went on show at the 'Music Live' exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. They were accompanied there by the staff of Ivor Mairants, the London music shop. We dropped in ourselves on the Saturday (3rd) and found it to be an excellent show as we met up with a few old friends, made some new ones and generally enjoyed ourselves:

Here is a pic of the stall at the event featuring Mak and Stuart from Ivor Mairants and a few of our guitars.

Ivor Mairants staff

Here is a breakdown of the instruments which made the trip to Birmingham:

Lyn 015 Brazilian Rosewood

Taw 015 Flamed Maple

Bovey 015 Ropalo Lacewood

Taw 010 Indian Rosewood

Torridge 010 Indian Rosewood

Lyn 010 Indian Rosewood

Kit 010 Walnut

Creedy 010 Indian Rosewood


October 2001

Exciting news for October is that we have added yet another new addition to our already extensive range of guitars: we are calling it the Clyst and this is your first chance to catch a glimpse of this new model.


We decided we needed a model which came between theLyn and theCreedy in size and we are sure the Clyst will prove to be the perfect guitar to plug this gap.


It is approximately the same dimensions as a Martin O size instrument: to illustrate this, here is a picture of a Clyst body situated between a Lyn on the left and a Creedy (our parlour-sized model) on the right

Clyst size

Could this be the instrument you've been looking for?

Let us know what you think about the look of the newcomer.

This is Richard: the proud owner of the first ever Clyst and he seemed happy enough with his new acquisition when he came to pick it up


Richard and his Clyst



September 2001

On Saturday 8th Sept we were in Exeter to attend...

Project Music's

'Southwest Guitar and Drum Show'

>We brought along a few recently completed guitars to the show, notably a spectacular Brazilian Rosewood , another in Indian Rosewood, a couple of Indian Rosewood Taws and a travel guitar. We also took the 'experimental' bolt-on models mentioned below in the August bulletin.

he show also featured loads of product demos, freebies and
prize give-aways and plenty of live music including a 'Battle of the Bands'.

Hope you enjoyed it too!



We have just completed a nice Indian Rosewood Teign and a Mahogany Tavy which have just been shipped off to

Bedroom Acoustic Musicin Ampthill, Bedfordshire

so if this is in your area... you might want to drop by and try them out.


August 2001

Here is a teaser for you... This picture features a and a Torridge but there's something unique about them which singles them out from other Brook models. Can you spot what it is?

Bolt on Necks

The answer is that these are the only Brook instruments to date which feature bolt-on necks.

Now we're not having a radical re-think on build policy so the dovetail aficionados among our clients need not break out in a cold sweat! We just like to keep an open mind on such things. Now that we have perfected our technique we are able to add this to our list of available options throughout our range of models.

We're going to keep this pair in the workshop for a while but look out for this on future custom instruments.



July 2001

We only have a very small announcement to make for the month of July... well actually we have two very small announcements... we thought you might like to see a nice pair of Kits


This little pair of mini travel guitars have recently been completed and we think they make a lovely couple. What do you think?


We've also just received a delivery of some exceptionally nice Koa so look out for some very nice guitars featuring lovely Koa backs and sides in the months ahead. (See news bulletin for June 2002)



June 2001

Take a look at the most recent review of our Creedy parlour guitar in this month's edition of The Guitar' magazine. With parlour guitars becoming more and more popular we're hoping this helps bring the Creedy to an even wider audience than it enjoys at present.



In May we reached completion of our first ever resonator model


This lap style guitar is based on a 1960's Gretsch model and was built using our Tavy body shape especially for Mel Isaacs at the London Resonator Centre in Islington, London.

We are currently working on another two models for the same client (A standard Torridge and a Torridge Resonator)



April 2001

We hope you managed to see 'The Crunch' which was screened on BBC2 on Sunday 29th April at 7.45 am. It was a short film made by the Open University featuring ourselves at Brook Guitars, dealing with the careers of luthiers.



Also in April we were very proud to be invited to participate in...


'The Craft of The Luthier'

An Exhibition of British Handmade Guitars



London SW1

<25th April - May 10th

Opened by Sir George Martin CBE

Luthier show


For a full report of this incredible exhibition click Here



March 2001

We attended the gathering of the RMMGA newsgroup regulars at Hargate Hall, near Buxton in Derbyshire, UK.

RMMGA mob 2001

A fine time was had by all and with over 40 attendees there was quite a collection of fine guitars on display.

We managed to make a load of new friends and a few of our guitars even found new homes to go to!

>Here's a website created by Texan Singer / Songwriter Al Evans with some pics of the event.



February 2001

A pretty quiet month in the depths of the winter... so we just spent the time making some guitars



Somebody throw this lot in the truck and we'll move on to the orders for March!"



January 2001

Listen out for the sound of a couple of Brook Guitars on Portishead's forthcoming new album and let us know what you think.

The group disappeared into a studio with them and we're eager to hear the results!

Adrian Utley was good enough to send us this card.

Adrian Utley



Also this month we have completed a nylon-strung classical guitar which we have called the


We're not sure if it's going to be a one-off or whether we'll add it to the standard range of instruments which we make. Let us know if you like the look of it. The design was based on a Fleta.


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