Brook Guitars News November 2023

November 2023

Just another morning commute to the workshop! Looking over to Cawsand Beacon on the northern edge of Dartmoor.

View Over Cawsand Beacon

We really enjoyed Mark Waistell’s latest CD ‘For A Sonnet Or A Shilling’. Check it out on Spotify, Mark’s playing his Taw and there’s a photo of our workshop on the back cover!

Mark Waistell Latest CD

Also check out Michael Watts’ interview with Wizz Jones. Apart from being fans of both Michael and Wizz, we made Michael’s first custom guitar, a Tamar, and have also worked on Wizz’s beloved Epiphone Texan to keep it in fine fettle.

Michael and Wizz

David has just started expanding his Brook collection and added a Lamorna to the koa Otter we recently made for him, go to our YouTube channel to see his lovely version of The Mountains Of Illinois.

David and his Brook Lamorna

He sent this photo of the Lamorna‘s first outing – a wedding reception at The Great Barn in The Teign Valley!

Brook Lamorna in The Great Barn

We’re just waiting for a case for Jon Woode’s new Lamorna,

Jon Woode's Brook Lamorna

Cedar with rosewood back and sides, he recorded most of his latest CD using his Tamar……more of which in the December news!

Cedar and Rosewood Brook Lamorna

The Weaver here is for Will Riding  – to complement his Torridge,

Will's Brook Weaver

It has a cedar top with mahogany back and sides. Will’s planning on coming down next month to pick it up.

Cedar and Mahogany Brook Weaver

Another parlour here for Mak, a Clyst with a cedar top

Cedar Brook Clyst

And English walnut back and sides, we’ll be sending it off to the shop when the case arrives.

Walnut Brook Clyst

In the October news we showed the split sides on the acoustic bass, it’s now back together with no sign of the damage.

Repaired Acoustic Bass

This little twenty year old Bovey has had also taken a tumble, you’ll have to come back next month to see how Andy got on with this one.

Broken Bovey

And yet another breakage –

Broken Headstock

Back together again and this twelve year old myrtle Tavy is ready to be returned to its happy owner.

Myrtle Brook Tavy

Three Martins in this month’s news, one with the familiar problem – the bindings coming loose at the waist,

Martin Loose Binding

One for a refret,

Martin Refret

And the 1927 koa one we mentioned last month, undergoing a neck reset.

Martin Neck Reset

We’ll be posting the December News a little early so come back in three weeks and check out what’s been going on here in the workshop.