Brook Guitars News April 2023

April 2023

We were offered Roger Williams’ stock of tonewoods as he’s now retiring, we bought the wood and he kindly dropped it in on his way to Cornwall for a Spring break.


Tony Kerry is a long term Brook supporter and has many of our guitars.This time Tony went for a classic looking Newlyn with a pyramid bridge,

Brook Newlyn

A Douglas Fir top

Brook Newlyn Close Up

And Koa back and sides.

Brook Newlyn Koa Back

About five years ago we made a slim-line Taw in cherry and walnut for Phil.

Fruit And Nut Slimline Brook Taw

He recently came across another that we made for a customer in North DevonĀ  in 2012. It features a couple of Charlie Christian style pickups, a cream paint job, a unique pick guard

Brook Slimline Taw

And Steinberger gearless tuners.

Honeytone Headstock

A couple of years ago Richard bought a 2007 Torridge and just recently found a 2011 Tavy fan fret in Somerset to keep it company!

Brook Torridge And Fan-fret Tavy

James Filkins has a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his third album Cranes In The Moonlight, the first single released features James’ Tamar, you can find out about it here.

James Kickstarter Campaign

We’ve just re-set the neck on this very nice Alister Atkin jumbo.

Alister Atkin Jumbo

We’re going to have to glue up the headstock on this Torridge 015 which must have received a nasty blow!

Brook Torridge Headstock Repair

A Gibson Keb Mo model was on the workbench in need of some attention.

Gibson Set Up

Here’s a brief view of some guitars that are nearly ready to string up – in the spray room

First Coats Of Lacquer

And on the shelf by our fitting up benches, with a bit of luck you’ll see some of these completed next month!

Gluing Necks