Brook Guitars News February 2023

February 2023

Tigger’s looking a little downcast and thinks Tim is paying far too much attention to his new baritone Blackwater!

Tim, Tigger and Brook Blackwater baritone

Bob came down from Weymouth to pick up his new Carey nylon crossover Brook.

Bob and his Brook Carey

Here it is –

Brook Carey full length

Cedar top, 650 mm scale with a pyramid bridge,

Brook Carey cedar close-up

A rosewood back and squared off headstock.

Brook Carey back

Danny came down to pick up the latest Lyn for Intersound.

Danny and Brook Lyn

We fitted a pick-guard to Dave Rich’s Taw. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed Dave plays his standard strung guitar left handed…. extremely proficiently as well!

Dave Rich and Brook Taw

Misty morning on the way in to work the other week!

Misty morning on the way to the Brook workshop

Jon’s very pleased with his short scale Little Silver and found and SKB300 case to fit the guitar. Useful information for existing and future Little Silver owners.

Little Silver with SKB case

We had an inquiry about a Gibson L – 0 shaped Brook so we drew up a plan in preparation.

L - 0 Plan

George, Andy’s ¬†grandson, has taken an interest in the Bovey Andy built for his daughters twenty five years ago!

George and Brook Bovey

This is an odd one – You buy a reliced Tele, dink the neck and want the damage repaired???

Dinks in relic Tele

Lastly – our annual ‘snowdrops in the orchard’ photo!

Snowdrops in Brook orchard 2023